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Ridgeway Magazine

This page accompanies our programme of the same name which is broadcast on a Wednesday at 11am. You can hear the most recent programmes by selecting an edition below.

  • Ridgeway Magazine 11/11

    The Tomb of the Unknown Warrior: from the battlefields in France to internment in Westminster Abbey, some little remembered facts • Gardening: do’s and dont’s of house plant care • Portlanders feel strongly about demolishing the Pulpit Inn with alarming plans for the SSI • Ten golden rules for avoiding scams from Which? Magazine • House keys – under the mat? Take more care of them • This week’s local good cause – The Lantern Trust in Weymouth…

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 28/10

    What does a milk maid have to do with the discovery of vaccination • Why the Council is to take over a sea front café • Car parking in Dorset and local councillors’ fury at “harmonisation” plans • Is Weymouth falling down? A former conservation officer speaks • The mixed history of British Summer Time • This week’s good cause – a phoning and letter writing idea • Nothe Fort received funding for improvements. Presented by John Shepherd and Andy Venton…

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 14/10

    The first in our series about deserving good causes; the mini-cruise ship MV Freedom • Gardening tips from Ruth – talking about hardwood cuttings • There’s a hedgehog in my garage – we learn more about them • Cinema is alive and well in Dorchester says the Plaza • We ask – are smart plugs that smart? Take care… • Premium Bond prize fund reduced – are you feeling lucky? Presented by John Shepherd and Andy Venton…

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 30/09

    Today – The virus effect; Weymouth’s b & b’s leased from Dorset Council have asked it to reduce rents • Buying a used car? Dorset Trading Standards warn of dangerous cars being offered by traders • Advance warning of road works to remove railway lines in Weymouth • What have an umbrella, a girl and a deadly journey have in common? Mary Poppins is not the answer! • Gardening tips – your lawn in winter. And miner bees in your garden? We explain • Meet the world’s dumbest crooks. Presented by John Shepherd and Andy Venton…

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 16/09

    Two young writers read their stories in Julia’s House “A Different Summer” competition • Author Minette Walters gives a judge’s view of the entries • We examine used vehicle price rises with a scam warning especially on camper vans • Gardening; don’t be afraid of taking cuttings • doing well despite Covid – tree surgeons and landscapers • the American way of justice, so different from our own. Presented by John Shepherd and Andy Venton…

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 02/09

    State education is 150 years old but it was not universally welcome • Dorchester’s old schools remembered • Christopher Robin at 100 – the sad boy whose famous father didn’t like children • Tomatoes, birds and wasps: How to turn your tomatoes from green to red; Where have all the garden birds gone? Bee nice to wasps, the gardeners’ friend.

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 19/08

    We take a hard look at vehicle insurance; too complicated…is that why most people don’t read the small print? • Scams revealed: rip off premiums, fake policy documents and “ghost insurance brokers” take motorists for a ride. • Are you insured for that drive to work and car business use? • Two readings – from vet Malcolm Welshman’s new book and the first chapter from a thriller by a Weymouth author. • Radio Postcard from Croatia – a visit remembered…

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 05/08

    With the brake on overseas travel, we have “radio postcards” with past reports from Venice, Sicily and Gibraltar…happy memories • What links an outbreak of bubonic plague in Mongolia, the Black Death’s arrival in Wyke Regis and the Weymouth creator of nasty smells? • Also hints on summer bloomers from our gardening expert. Presented by John Shepherd and Andy Venton

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 22/07

    Best-selling author Minette Walters sets the scene for a children’s writing comp to aid Julia’s House. • The story of the last woman to be hanged at Dorchester prison. • The Dam busters – two family connections and Chesil’s part in the historic raid on Nazi Germany • Weymouth’s business community is doing well despite… •
    Gardening expert Ruth Hayes gives advice on clematis. • Facts and figures about Dorchester’s employed denied Government financial aid • The story about carrots helping you see in the dark…

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 08/07

    Eleven hundred people in work in Weymouth and Portland are not receiving full Government assistance – worse nearly 800 may be receiving nothing. We talk to Excluded UK which is lobbying for action • One size does not fit all. Bespoke facemasks made to order by an enterprising lady in Broadwey • From washer-up to running one of the world’s finest hotels – the boy that became boss of the Grosvenor House hotel who once had to serve the Duke of Edinburgh seconds from the food waste bin! • Weymouth Harbourside pedestrianisation is not welcome by many. And in this connection, when is a public consultation not a public consultation? Dorset Council is asked…

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 24/06

    A hint that Weymouth may get a new ferry service to the Channel Islands. We talk to a Weymouth councillor who is leading initial investigations • When a dog is lost, is there an organisation which the owner can turn to for help. The answer is Yes! • Ruth Hayes brings us more gardening tips and retired vet Malcolm Welshman reads an extract from his new book • We wander down Memory Lane with Red Star Parcels…

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 10/06

    The horrors behind dognapping and links to organised crime • All change at the dentist’s and a gruesome history of dentistry • Weeding your garden – we have tips • Weymouth lockdown charity wins nearly £10,000 funding • History of musical instruments continues with the organ • Comment: whatever happened to commonsense? • Down memory lane reprises the 50’s…

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  • Commemorating D-Day…2020

    The Weymouth Military Weekend has been cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, along with most of the usual annual D-Day commemoration ceremonies across the UK and a much reduced attendance at the Normandy beaches. To keep the memory alive we broadcast again an edition of Ridgeway Magazine from 2019 which commemorated the 75th annisversay of D-Day when John Shepherd visited the Normandy landings grounds in the company of historian Andrew Roberts and Lord Dannat, former chief of the Army General Staff. We also heard about the heroic role of the Dorset Regiment and an example of a piece of D-Day history dug up in a field near Dorchester.

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 20/05

    Weymouth fishing fleet are doing better than a recent report suggests – we tell more • Stressed out by lockdown? A psychotherapist suggests thinking “inside the box” to achieve peace of mind • Who “laughed all the way to the bank?” And what does it have to do with our history of the piano? • TV antiques expert Paul Atterbury talks about his hopes for the autumn Dorchester Literary Festival • Plus Pet Patter with Malcolm and gardening tips with Ruth. Presented by John Shepherd and Andy Venton

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 06/05

    This edition was broadcast near the 75th anniversary of VE Day on 8th May 2020. Whilst Europe celebrated victory the Channel Islands had to wait two more days. We explain why • Lassie the Wonder Dog and film star is 80 years old. There was another famous Lassie closer to home – in Lyme Regis – and David Tucker tells the story • Our gardening expert Ruth Hayes talks at length about lawns and their care • Historian Jane Tapley tells us about the history of knives, forks and spoons • We begin a new series about the origin of musical instruments with the drums • From the archives Kate Adie talks about her book about women and war.

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 22/04

    Today: Advice from the RAC when your car is laid up for a long time • Growing from seed with Ruth Hayes our gardening expert • Weymouth Town Clerk tells us how the one year old council is doing • Poems and memories from three famous voices. Presented by John Shepherd and Andy Venton…

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 08/04

    In this edition: Gardening tips from our gardening expert Ruth Hayes • Jane Biscombe, Weymouth Town Clerk, tells us about a scheme in association with Weymouth Churches Together to help those in need receive necessities during the lockdown • What has happened to typewriters? They may have disappeared but you can still buy ribbons for them • Rather indelicately we talk about toilet paper, its history and the 3 P principal • From the archives we hear from Judy Murray, mother of tennis stars Andy and Jamie • Do you talk to your pets? You should says our tame vet Malcolm Welshman…

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 25/03

    In this edition: A warning about coronavirus-related scams • a chat with Lord Julian Fellowes • and an extended interview with Martyn Underhill, outgoing (in 2021) Police & Crime Commissioner for Dorset. Presented by John Shepherd and Andy Venton

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 26/02

    One in five people going abroad do not take out travel insurance. We talk to the researcher and give some prices for treatment – could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds! • The Campervan was introduced 70 years ago and five million were built. We look back and talk to a Campervan fan • With 80,000 visitors steaming into Portland port this year, the Weymouth Ambassadors are ready for them • A visit to the RSPB nature reserve in Weymouth indicates climate change is a reality for bird life • A trip down memory lane takes a fond look at standing for the national anthem at the end of a film or show…or not! • Cyber crime – can you insure against it happening to you

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 12/02

    Rates relief for small businesses announced, but will it help. Claudia Webb of Weymouth BID explains • Who remembers Teddy Tail, Pip Squeak and Wilfred while Rupert Bear is still with us after 100 years • Florence Nightingale born 200 years ago was far more than the ‘Lady with the Lamp’ and why did she spend her last 30 years in bed? • Gardening tips and questions answered by Ruth Hayes • Congrats to ‘The Diary’ – 20 years old and still going strong when other publications have failed • Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but do you know if they’re real? • Can cows tell if it’s going to rain and do you get wetter if you run or walk in the rain? Fact or fiction…

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 29/01

    Our main feature in this edition is an extended interview with Ken Lennox, four times Press Photographer of the Year, with memories of Princess Diana, to war with Kate Adie and peace with Paul McCartney. Also Car Theft surprise – Dorset is one of the worst areas just behind Glasgow and Surrey. In ‘Pet Patter’ Malcolm Welshman, our tame vet, chooses fish as his subject…


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  • Ridgeway Magazine 15th Jan 2020

    Gardening expert and editor of ‘Amateur Gardening’ magazine, Ruth Hayes gives advice • Should restaurants, bars and pubs charge for tap water? What is the law? • Weymouth hotels and guest houses reveal disappointing figures for 2019 • Returning unwanted Xmas gifts – what are your rights? • We look back a hundred years to 1920. And in the last 50 years, what ‘must have’ items are now obsolete? • Looking to the future what jobs are likely to disappear by 2030? • Garden birds; even though it’s mild should we keep feeding them?

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  • Ridgeway Magazine Christmas edition

    • Meet our new gardening expert – Ruth Hayes, gardening editor of ‘Amateur Gardening’ who will be answering listeners’ questions next year • We explore the history of two seasonal pieces of music, ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ and the carol ‘Silent Night’ • The police woman’s story. How, despite outright sexism and gender obstructiveness Carole Phillips made it from lowly PC to Superintendent • Retired vet and author tells us it’s ‘All in a Christmas Day’s work for a vet’ and advises against over-indulging pets at Christmas where a treat might seriously damage their health

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 4th Dec 2019

    The story of two farms; Tumbledown Farm has been returned to Weymouth Town Council. Ideas needed to make something of its 30 acres. Green and clean activities perhaps? • Fancys Farm is a popular petting farm on Portland with animals including wallabies and alpacas but severe weather has made it short of funds. It needs help • The Dorset Police rural crime squad and NFU insurers discuss measures to combat equipment theft • The history of the potato crisp – 400 different flavours from kipper to turkey dinner • Prue Leith talks about her favourite food

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 20th Nov 2019

    The Mini is 60 years old – its evolution is full of stories • Two authors with new books on the show today – Sir Tim Waterstone and Dom Joly • a report on Weymouth’s harbour consultation • and John drives a steam train! • Oh, and we go to church in the USA with a resume of the roadside signs to tempt you inside and the strange names given to churches and chapels

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 6th Nov 2019

    At this time of Remembrance we discover dissatisfaction in the ranks over the demobilisation of four million soldiers. Was dear old Blighty really a land for returning heroes? • Author and journalist Simon Heffer talks about WW1’s badly behaved leading personalities coupled with views of life on the Home Front, particularly the role of women • In ‘Pet Patter’ retired vet and author Malcolm Welshman brings us another tale from the vet’s surgery • Do you know the difference between compost and mulch? Naomi from Poundbury Gardens explains

    Ridgeway Magazine is broadcast on Wednesdays at 11am

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 23rd Oct 2019

    The first six months of the new Dorset Council – has it lived up to expectations. We have views from councillors and the local democracy reporter Trevor Bevins • Long serving town and county councillor Kate Wheller explains why she quit Labour to become an independent • What has become of the red telephone box? Just 70 left in Dorset but you can buy or rent one • In conversation with Alexander McColl Smith author of the “Number 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” and 100 other books!

    Ridgeway Magazine is broadcast on Wednesdays at 11am

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 9th Oct 2019

    Popular phrases we use daily – where did they come from? “Simples!” • Take a STAND, the campaign against 3,500 new homes for Dorchester’s “garden village” • Weymouth’s BID announces more plans to build business for the town • We visit the Nothe Fort and experience 1940s shopping and a school classroom to teach children about the war years • By bus pass from Lands End to John O’Groats – he did it and raised money for charity • Politicians’ insults….to each other! • Another tale from Malcolm Welshman’s ‘Pet Patter’. Presented by John Shepherd and Andy Venton

    Ridgeway Magazine is broadcast on Wednesdays at 11am


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  • Ridgeway Magazine 25th Sept 2019

    In this edition – 70 years since George Orwell’s book 1984 was published, what are its lessons today? Paul Atterbury discusses • 25 years of the Weldmar Hospice but Matt Smith reveals the hospice movement is under threat • A local author-turned-plumber talks about her new book ‘The Crazy Adventures of a Love Sick Angel’ • We hear about a new initiative called ‘Uniting Weymouth and Portland’ • Are smaller portions and the offer of doggy bags the answer to restaurant food wastage? A local restaurateur thinks so.

    Ridgeway Magazine is broadcast on Wednesdays at 11am

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 11th Sept 2019

    • We talk to one of the organisers of the Dorchester Literary Festival, Janet Gleeson
    • We pay a virtual visit to the House of Commons and examine some very quirky things
    • We talk about snuff and the taking of
    • John visits the Bridport Hat Festival and discovers two unusual musicians
    • Malcolm presents part 2 of his parrot tale
    • And there’s some vintage and mostly very un-PC ads published in American magazines in the 50s and 60s

    Ridgeway Magazine is broadcast on Wednesdays at 11am

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 28th August 2019

    • No holiday weekend off for Weymouth RNLI – five call outs make it one of the UK’s busiest stations
    • We meet the Weymouth RNLI’s new operations manager, a local young mother of two with a Master’s ticket who has travelled the world
    • The strange story of the prison murderer, the Dorchester priest and the privy that made him famous
    • Coming soon: Dorset Police auctions for the proceeds of crime and seized vehicles. How to get a Rolex, a Beemer or some bling for a song
    • By bus pass from Land’s End to John O’Groats -an epic journey for a 70 year old in aid of charity. Will he earn a place in the Guiness Book of Records
    • More shop closures but Weymouth BID has an idea for a youth market

    Ridgeway Magazine is broadcast on Wednesdays @ 11 am

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 14th August 2019

    • The charity Shelter reports on why many families in Weymouth and Portland cannot afford their rents which can exceed 40 per cent of take home pay • Weymouth Esplanade lighting is go while plans for the Peninsular site are stop. A county councillor explains • We visit the beatiful 26 acre Sculpture Park near Dorchester and meet the man behind it • Noted chef Mitch Tonks talks about his new restaurant Rock Fish which he hopes will put Weymouth on the fish lovers’ map • Our tame vet Malcolm Welshman gives another in his ‘Pet Patter’ series • In your garden – the topic is those awkward spaces where nothing will grow

    Ridgeway Magazine is broadcast on Wednesdays @ 11 am

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 31st July 2019

    • Headline collector and author Melvyn Dover talks about his passion for funny headings culled from newspapers
    • The Dorset countryside is riddled with forgotten underground bunkers, relics of the Secret Army. We visit two
    • KeeP 106 is one year old. Chairman Andy Worth talks about the station which has listeners in many countries
    • Weymouth’s Nothe Fort goes into the beer business. We sample the ‘Whisling Gunner’ and the ‘Sapper’s Courage’
    • “Put a sock in it!” and “Back to square one” are among the phrases used by early radio broadcasters. We explain their origins

    Ridgeway Magazine is broadcast on Wednesdays @ 11 am

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 17th July 2019

    • Speed kills! Village communities are setting up Community Speed Watch groups under the guidance of Dorset Police. We visit the group active in Charminster
    • Reports from two events which brought over 60,000 visitors to the Weymouth area – the Chickerell Steam Fair and the Weymouth Sea Food Festival
    • We discover some collectors of some very unusual items – eye baths, ladies compacts and disinfectant sprays
    • Thought the Resistance Movement applied to France and European countries? The south of England had its own secret army set up under the orders of Churchill. Its memory lives on
    • The Fisherman’s Mission is still active and still helping an industry where one seaman is lost every week
    • Pet Patter has the story of a chameleon whose owner took it to our Tame Vet for treatment

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 3rd July 2019

    • The Magazine ‘visits’ New Delhi, Beijing and Sao Paulo, three of the world’s most populated cities and samples the atmosphere courtesy of five pods in which the atmospheric conditions were replicated. They were installed in Portland and all were invited to take the ‘poisonous’ air
    • The first 100 days of the new unitary authority which merged five Dorset councils into one in April. How has Weymouth fared since the change? The Town Clerk speaks
    • General Lord Dannatt tells RM how he created the charity Help for Heroes. It all started in his flat
    • A survey indicates how men are forced to use up less space in the house as women take over the drawers and wardrobes and then demand a clean-up and clear out. True or False?
    • Roses can be tricky to grow. Our gardening expert offers some advice

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 19th June 2019

    • Blood Bikes save lives. Who are the Yeovil Freewheelers to whom Simon Gudgeon of the Sculpture By The Lakes near Dorchester has donated a £15,000 motorcycle? More info at yfwbloodbikes.org
    • Two initiatives from Weymouth’s Business Investment District. One is about responsible crabbing and the other will promote Weymouth and Portland’s many heritage sites
    • We meet a housekeeper (male) who is all at sea as he looks after the needs of 3,800 passengers and crew
    • While D-Day is in the news, John visits Norway to learn about an unsuccessful (but gallant) naval landing in 1940 which failed to thwart the Nazi forces and their occupation of the country
    • Can it be true? Were all US forces dead repatriated to their homeland? Perhaps not so, as historian Roger Guttridge reveals
    • Another instalment of Pet Patter from retired vet and author Malcolm Welshman entitled ‘Madam Mountjoy’

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  • Ridgeway Magazine – 2nd D-Day special 5th June 2019

    The focus is on Weymouth and Portland in ‘Bodies and Buddies’

    • We are looking at the rumours about the burial of hundreds of US troops killed in training in the days before D-Day. An eyewitness to the landing of the bodies tells all
    • Lord Dannatt, former Chief of the British Army and founder of Help for Heroes talks about the composition of an invasion force
    • Historian and author Peter Caddick-Adams tells us about the Yanks who became buddies and sets the scene locally before D-Day. See Penguin Books website for more information about Peter Caddick-Adams
    • Les Sullivan of the Nothe Fort talks about the macabre duty of the Weymouth fishing fleet
    • Stephen George of the Portland D-Day Centre on the vital importance of the Mulberry Harbour
    • The irrepressible Poppy Butcher talks about singing for the US troops and her job at Portland Dockyard at the age of 15

    See also our first D-Day Special

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 1st May 2019

    • Beware scams old and new. Author Roger Guttridge reprises an 18th century Dorset scam which did not end well for the tricksters and Dorset Police add a modern day warning
    • What happens when the Police seize and impound your vehicle? This has caused no end of trouble for almost 2,400 Dorset vehicle owners since 2017
    • Old wives’ tales….any truth in them? We explore some
    • ‘Me time’ and why tens of thousands of women are holidaying on their own. A Dorchester travel agent says it’s a growing trend
    • We have advice for solo female travellers…pack a door stopper and more
    • Are you a landlord? Don’t bury your head in the sand and ignore far-reaching news laws
    • Weymouth Esplanade lighting. The project manager says “By the end of the year” for sure

    Tune in to Ridgeway Magazine on Wednesdays at 11am

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 17th April 2019

    • We hear from the President of the Dorset Association of Parish Councils who describes why they are so important and the reason to elect new councillors
    • Superloos: Weymouth’s Town Clerk talks about the gender neutral element that worries people and seeks to allay their fears
    • Two items about pets: Pet Patter’s subject is dogs and the signals they give out. And a dog walker gives some advice about insurance and other aspects
    • Flying away on hols? We tell you the things airlines don’t want you to know by airing cabin crew secrets
    • Slugs – the gardeners’friend? The Royal Horticultural Society says they can be
    • Continuing the history of bad weather clothing. This time hats and coats

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  • Ridgeway Magazine D-Day Special 3rd April 2019

    In this 75th anniversary year of the D-Day landings we present a special edition of Ridgeway Magazine featuring interviews made during a visit John made to the D-Day landing grounds in Normandy.

    • Lord Danatt, former Chief of Staff of the British Army, reviews the military aspects of both Overlord and the failed raid on Dieppe two years earlier which led to Hitler’s order that commandos and Special Forces were to be shot if captured
    • Military historian Andrew Roberts reveals some of the ideas that worked for the Allies and some that did not.
    • Two young French people have surprising views on the landings – seems many French would rather not be reminded
    • Chris Copson, curator of The Keep Military Museum, reprises the important role played by the Dorset Regiment on D-Day and Dorset’s subsequent fight towards Arnhem
    • Keeping the invasion plans a secret…a local man tells us about an important relic of that period he discovered

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 20th March 2019

    • Solicitor Katharine Jones celebrates 100 years of women being admitted as solicitors. Once the legal profession, all men of course, considered women not to be people at all. Therefore as non-persons they could not become lawyers
    • Weymouth sea front lights – we have an exclusive report on the future of the laser display. They think it’s all over – not yet for this local conundrum which seems to limp along
    • Would you pay £15 for a cup of coffee? You might do in London but not in Dorset as we hear from a coffee roaster, Nigel Green of the Dorset Coffee Company and Christian and Zeta from the prizewinning mobile coffee bar with a difference called Coffee on the Hoof
    • Cheesed off with your bank manager? An elderly customer writes to her bank and we read the letter which exemplifies the “Computer says NO” style of banking

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 6th March 2019

    • Who wants to be a gladiator? Coming to Dorchester, a fight to the death! Full training given. Thumbs up to all that
    • Wrexit, by that we mean Weymouth joins the unitary authority in April. A county councillor tells Weymouth to wake up to the facts the town’s assets are going to be nabbed leaving it without an income
    • Those railway lines in Weymouth – should trains run on them again? Rail buff and author Paul Atterbury takes a rather unexpected view
    • In your garden as spring approaches. Some jobs to do with advice from Lucy our gardening expert and an idea for a lazy answer to weeding

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 20th Feb 2019

    • The history of the theatre from Greek times to backstage at Weymouth’s Pavilion Theatre. An expert takes the stage and tells of the days when women were banned from attending
    • Filled in your self-employed tax return? You might like to hear of some of the more ridiculous taxes down the years from taxes on beards, clocks and hearths to hats!
    • As for VAT, there are some strange anomalies and some glaring inclusions
    • What are the chances of picking up a 60 year old magazine and seeing a picture of yourself? One listener did and tells us about her school’s experiment among its pupils in being socially responsible. It made the headlines in its day
    • Help is at hand with a craze said to be sweeping the country – the Repair Café movement is coming to Dorset.
    • In Pet Patter Malcolm advises ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 6th Feb 2019

    • Mallams restaurant in Weymouth has had to close for good and owners Janice and Steve Gosson explain that it wasn’t just the devastating fire which swayed their decision
    • Alistair Chisholm is in the studio to talk about the ALL For Dorset movement which wants to banish party politics from local government
    • We talk to James Webb from the Priest’s House Museum in Wimborne about their collection of Victorian Valentine cards
    • Phil Say from Weymouth Pavilion tells us about the building’s amazing lighting scheme
    • In Pet Patter Malcolm Welshman recounts the story of the Cow in the Tree, an episode from his latest book ‘An Armful Of Animals’ (available from Amazon)

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 9th Jan 2019

    • Local Democracy Reporter Trevor Bevins warns things might not work out as promised with the new Dorset Unitary Council taking over from five urban and district councils on April 1st
    • Fifty years on; what made the headlines in 1969? The Moon and the Beatles to name but two subjects
    • The circus is not dead! There are 100 in the UK and a National Centre for Circus Arts with a BA Hons degree on offer
    • Local photographer and cameraman John Gurd records pantos in Dorset and streams them to children in hospital for no charge
    • Still with the circus – the story behind the John Lennon song “For the benefit of Mr. Kite” which featured on Britain’s most popular ever album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 19th Dec 2018

    • Loneliness amongst youngsters – counsellor and psychotherapist Alison Moore discusses the problem live in the studio
    • The Robert White cancer treatment centre has recently opened and we look at how the centre came in to being
    • Restorative justice in Dorset is a year old and is already proving successful. The scheme’s co-ordinator explains
    • The price of coffee beans plunges – the cost of a cup of coffee continues to rise. Are baristas ripping us off?
    • Our resident vet warns about dodgy doggy treats and dangers to pets in the home during the festive season
    • Christmas through the ages starting with the ‘cool yule’ and ending with Father Christmas and Christmas boxes

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 5th Dec 2018

    • We’ll start from scratch….and tell you about the invasion of the super flea
    • You’re nicked! Ever wondered what goes on in the Police custody suite?
    • The story behind the world’s best know tune.
    • The facts behind coffee shops and the proposed ‘latte levy’
    • Babysham is 65 years old. We have its fascinating story so far

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 14th Nov 2018

    • Our studio guest is Nigel Bundy who tells us about an advocacy initiative run by Age UK and how you can call on their help with tricky problems.
    • Journalist and television presenter Peter Snow and his journalist wife Ann Macmillan talk to John about their new book ‘War Stories’ at the Dorchester Literary Festival.
    • Our resident vet Malcolm Welshman tells us about a camel with a sore foot, a story from his latest book ‘An Armful of Animals’.
    • We have a story about when ‘passenger assistance’ fails at an airport and advice on getting compensation from a reluctant airline.

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 31st Oct 2018

    • Interview with Lord Fellowes in which he says the book he has on the go currently is the story of the early life of Marilyn Monroe. He gives his selection of the seven books he would take if marooned on a desert island
    • We talk to LAPD prosecutor Ron Bowers who was charged with re-opening the death of Marilyn Monroe as a cold case. Was it murder or was it suicide?
    • As many as 400 Dorset residents in fuel poverty may die of the cold this winter. The charity Surviving Winter is there to help and their CEO talks about its work
    • Ridgeway Magazine re-visits the Horse Course, a charity in which horses are used to teach people and children how to overcome their behavioural problems and addictions
    • The long playing record is 70 years old. We look at how listening to music has changed since then and ask our presenters which LP was the first one they bought

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 10th Oct 2018

    • Paul Atterbury live in the studio gives a heads up (perhaps that should be eyes down) on the upcoming Dorchester Literature Festival.
    • Sir Tim Smit, chairman of Eden Project International, introduces Portlanders to the plans for a world class attraction and gives Ridgeway Magazine exclusively his “no brainer” idea for another attraction on the Isle.
    • “Pet Patter”…vet Malcolm Welshman talks about his new book “An Armful of Animals” and gives us a peek inside it.
    • Do children still pay conkers in this age of Health and Safety?  We report on how the “conkering” Germans have saved the World Conker Championships.
    • Littlemoor has at last got its new shop which sells food. Is it just what the locals wanted?

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 19th Sept 2018

    • The Weymouth harbour-side Peninsular (Pavilion) site. The council’s leisure focused plans, just announced, are derided by the business community. And is the site really worth millions, or not much at all?
    • We harness the views of the Weymouth Business Investment District, the Chamber of Trade and a developer.
    • A councillor accuses the council of not listening to the views of the townspeople and voting to go ahead with the unpopular plan.
    • We visit Radipole RSPB nature reserve and report 17 swans may not have been stolen or slaughtered after all. And autumn is the best time for bird watching.
    • We air the second part of the report on shared ownership – this time for the elderly in Poundbury.

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 5th Sept 2018

    • Scallop Wars – a West Country trawler skipper tells of his experiences of being threatened and attacked by French fishermen
    • “Cyril the Squirrel” gets his moment of fame, as told by vet Malcolm Welshman in this edition of ‘Pet Patter’
    • We visit Mad Hatter day in Bridport and talk to a lady “sheep hatter” who takes biodiversity to the extreme. And no, she’s not mad!
    • Where do all the phrases with the word hat in them come from? We explain, at the drop of a hat.
    • One man (and his tank) who collects buckets of money for Help For Heroes – a report
    • Dorset is famous for collections of historical military vehicles. We find an enthusiast who rebuilds WW2 Jeeps from the wheels up.

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 22nd August 2018

    • Why are 30 Weymouth b&bs up for sale? Is the town over-bedded? Many small hotels are struggling despite the summer sun.
    • Weymouth Council leader says the town’s crown jewels  (that’s the properties and facilities it owns) will not be nabbed by the new Unitary Authority. Really?
    • There’s a stink brewing about the new Esplanade unisex superloo planned for 2020. It’s the gender issue.
    • We hear about a Dorset charity called Mosaic which helps children cope with bereavement of someone close.
      Contact details: Tel 01258 837071, web – www.mosaicfamilysupport.org, email – laura@mosaicfamilysupport.org
    • Six trillion discarded cigarette butts – dropping one could cost you up to £1,000 if you ignore a fixed penalty fine for littering.

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    Ridgeway Magazine 22nd August 2018

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 8th August 2018

    • Local democracy reporter explains the changes on the local government front  when Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester become a Unitary Authority…what does it mean for ratepayers?
    • What should I do about my frazzled lawn? Leave it alone! advises our gardening expert.
    • John visits Gibraltar where the pillar boxes are red and the police still wear helmets.
    • Small shops are suffering but Broadwey Village Stores re-invented itself when all seemed to be lost.
    • With 3,500 new homes mooted for Dorchester, how to get on the housing ladder. Shared ownership might be the answer.
    • About half-a-million UK drivers will face prosecution in France this year. The jolly gendarmes are waiting with a mass of new rules…be prepared and learn about them before travelling.

    Click the Play button to listen
    Ridgeway Magazine 8th August 2018

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 25th July 2018

    • The business side of the Sea Food Festival; worth millions to Weymouth, says its chairman
    • We pay our final visit to Croatia and find out what’s for dinner
    • Our feature “Pet Patter“ with vet Malcolm Welshman who has succumbed to “Obsessive Dog Disorder”
    • The “doggy bus” from Spain and how Ralf the spaniel, sentenced to death at the Malaga dog pound, found a new home with John’s daughter
    • When a “water resistant” watch gets a dunking in the sea; advice on how to dry it out that might just save it from rusting

    Click the Play button to listen
    Ridgeway Magazine 25th July 2018

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 11th July 2018

    • Can you over-water your garden and plants? Naomi from Poundbury Gardens tells us.
    • John joined a huge crowd at the Chickerell Show and talks to some exhibitors and a show director.
    • We make a visit to the RSPB reserve at Radipole.
    • In this next instalment of John’s recent cruise he visits Croatia and the historic city of Dubrovnic.

    Click the Play button to listen
    Ridgeway Magazine 11th July 2018

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 27th June 2018

    • Memory loss is a great fear for oldies. We talk to a Dorset world class memory champion who gives some advice on the subject.
    • Going on your hols? Don’t forget to pack your Scrabble – the game is 80 years old and there is a story behind the word game.
    • The ‘Pet Patter’ spot.   The question posed by vet Malcolm Welshman, “are pets psychic?” He thinks they are.
    • To Croatia where John pans for salt and Frances gives a history lesson about a commodity once worth its weight in gold!

    Click the Play button to listen
    Ridgeway Magazine 27th June 2018

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 13th June 2018

    • Snails and slugs – new ways of dealing with them that will not harm garden birds says Lucy, our gardening expert.
    • Badgers – our vet Malcolm Welshman gives his views on a creature that gets a bad press.
    • “All tourists are b******s” reads the spray paint graffiti on a wall in Venice – really? John visits and finds out if Venice is sinking with visitor numbers.
    • We hear about the Chickerell Steam Fair and what’s in the programme this year.
    • Careful when using sign language abroad – a guide when giving the thumbs up or, even worse, showing palms uppermost in Greece. Our hand signals that other cultures misinterpret.
    • It’s the 13th – but why is it unlucky except for the Chinese?

    Click the Play button to listen
    Ridgeway Magazine 13th June 2018

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 30th May 2018

    • Pretty lights for Weymouth Esplanade. When the scheme’s bright idea went on show, visitors to the public “consultation” were mainly unimpressed. Bring back the garlands of fairy lights seems to be the verdict.
    • To Buckland Newton where one man’s creative ideas for slowing down speeding traffic have been dumped for the second time. Do nothing County Council does not approve.
    • To Sicily for our story about the Mafia which disapproved of the “Godfather“ films. John visits the Corleone village and is totally unprepared for what happens next as he interviews a cast member.
    • Vinyl records. Sales boom but don’t throw out your old ones just yet…they might be worth money.
    • What do you do to find your missing mobile phone? There’s an app that will solve this mishap.

    Click the Play button to listen

    Ridgeway Magazine 30th May 2018

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 16th May 2018

    • We visit Portland to hear about the attractiveness of the port to cruise operators. Thirty three ships will visit this year with a beneficial effect on local tourism.
    • One attraction that will benefit is the D Day Centre on Portland which welcomed 34,000 visitors last year, three times the expected number. We have a report.
    • Jobs at sea – great opportunities for young people on cruise ships. We talk to two female officer cadets Molly and Jo (both from the West Country) and their boss on Cunard’s ‘Queen Victoria’.
    • Press photographer of the year Ken Lennox tells the story of Kate Adie’s undies – all in the best possible taste…

    Click the Play button to listen

    Ridgeway Magazine 16th May 2018

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 18th April 2018

    • In Pet’s Patter our resident vet Malcolm Welshman talks about ‘Man’s Best Friend’
    • Following on from an item in the last programme about driving tests, we discover that Dorchester is the best place in the country to take your driving test! And we talk to Julia Manley, a Dorchester driving instructor
    • We make no apologies for returning to the ever-present subject of online scams. Plus, do you know what a ferrule is? Amongst other things it was the component of a scam in the 1930s
    • The Banff Mountain Film Festival visits Weymouth for one day only. We talk to its organiser Rosie Fuller
    • A potted history of the humble Penny….i.e. 1p
    • Continuing our feature in the last programme on wedding superstitions

    Click the Play button to listen

    Ridgeway Magazine 18th April 2018

    Also we’d be grateful if you could mention us on social media. Thank you.

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 4th April 2018

    • We have an update on the Bus Shelter, the home for up to 17 homeless people in Weymouth, from its founder Emily MacCarron
    • Why do French waiters appear rude? We tell you and offer some tips on dining in France
    • Women drivers – they are safer drivers than men
    • April gardening tips by Lucy from Poundbury Gardens
    • The first part of some fascinating facts about weddings
    • Andy’s Funny Bone features another comedy classic

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)

    Ridgeway Magazine 4th April 2018

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 21st March 2018

    • Ridgeway Magazine vet Malcolm Welshman gets up close to Jonathan the tortoise. At186 he, the tortoise, is the world’s oldest land animal.
    • John talks about his afternoon with Ken Dodd and remembers the occasions they worked together.
    • Publications – the Beano is 100 years old and Exchange and Mart is 150. Well, that’s just Dandy as we take a look at comics.
    • Weymouth’s lukewarm reception for the local council’s ideas for the Peninsular site beside the harbour; we report.
    • Weymouth’s town museum re-opens in a new and improved venue.

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)

    Ridgeway Magazine 21st March 2018

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 7th March 2018

    • Irritating phone calls? There could be scammers “phishing” for your personal details. We tell you how to stop them free of charge through the Telephone Preference Service.
    • We list eight sure fire ways to spot a scam and warn against some old fashioned con tricks still doing the rounds including Ponzi schemes and pyramid selling.
    • Table manners and will children stop using knives, forks and spoons? A historian tells us who invented cutlery and why it was important to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth.
    • Pet Patter investigates hamsters courtesy of Ridgeway Magazine’s resident vet.
    • We look at the history of crosswords and challenge listeners to answer clues from the first ever printed 105 years ago. Not many clues but we defy you to get them right.

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 21st February 2018

    • Town and district councillor, David Taylor, is our studio guest and talks about the question of the future of the charter market. If shops are built on the market site, will Dorchester become a town of two halves?
    • Weymouth councillor Alison Reed puts the case for Weymouth becoming a town council…in other words a parish council, and what’s in it for the town when it joins the unitary authority.
    • A warning from Dorset Police to be on our guard against fraudsters pretending to be police officers. We hear a recording of an actual phone fraud in progress.
    • We list a few events for which 2018 is an anniversary year.
    • Who remembers Max Collie and his Rhythm Aces? We air an appreciation and receive a cd for the Ridgeway Community Radio sale of music appeal.
    • Got a wedding coming up? Why not hire a wind-up gramophone plus 78s specially for the occasion. Mike Coslett from Bridport has all you need.

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 7th February 2018

      • Vindictive Valentine cards? As well as sweet sentiments and soppy poems, 150 years ago there were also cards for cads and pigs…..male, of course. They are on display at the Priest House Museum, Wimborne.
      • The ancient Roman way of romance entailed violence to young women. Saint Valentine was not amused and lost his head to the Emperor Claudius, but not before he left a love message to a young girl…and started something!
      • Gardening tips – how to use ash and soot in the garden. Slugs and snails do not like it.
      • Even pets get the January Blues as we are told in this instalment of ‘Pet Patter’.
      • Five things you must do before you go on holiday. And how you might beat the price hike for a passport.
      • News from Ridgeway Community Radio: plans for a ginormous fundraising sale of vinyl records, CDs, music videos and DVDs.
      • A Sneak Peek of the work in making the Shire Hall in Dorchester an historical experience to really look forward to.

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 24th January 2018

    • Enigma, the German military encoding machine, drew a full house at the Corn Exchange when it went on show as part of a talk given by world authority  Dr. Mark Baldwin on how the enemy codes were devised and then broken. He tells Ridgeway Magazine Enigma was invented 20 years before the war and was sold in shops.
    • Weymouth’s early history will have to be re-written…research shows the Black Death and great plague did not start with rats jumping ship in the port.
    • Where have all the newspaper delivery boys and girls gone? Broadwey Village stores still delivers newspaper but the number of boys and girls have halved in recent years and the conditions of employment (yes, really!) have tightened.
    • Second Chance, the Weymouth charity which collects and sells re-conditioned furniture and appliances to needy folk has closed – but there is still Dorset Reclaim as we report.
    • Is art worth collecting? No, we are told, buy what you really like.
    • And we invite listeners to play our song title game, courtesy of broadcaster and jazz band leader Chris Walker.

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 10th January 2018

    • Dorset Police invited John to join them in the hunt for illicit drug dealers who take over vulnerable people’s homes.
    • The circus….a British innovation. It lives on but not in the new film’s way.
    • John has lunch in Madeira – you cook the meat yourself.
    • New Year resolutions – blame the ancients for the idea. But who keeps them?
    • A warning to avoid ‘shyster’, or copycat websites which try to sell you a new passport, driving licence, EHIC Card, and others, for MUCH more cash than you NEED to pay.

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 13th December 2017

    • Retired vet Malcolm Welshman talks about the dangers of treating your pet too well at Christmas…pets can over-indulge as well!
    • Lucy, our gardening expert, gives advice on how to make plants gifted at Christmas last into the new year and beyond.
    • We visit the National Coast Watch look out post on Portland and hear how watch keepers, all volunteers, help keep seafarers safe.
    • The Dull Men’s Club of Great Britain celebrates the ordinary with gifting ideas and a report of not very exciting activities during the year!
    • Plus some terrible Christmas cracker jokes. You have been warned!

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 29th November 2017

    • Matt Smith, whose 10 ‘colossal’ challenges have raised £45,000 for Weldmar, talks live in the studio about fundraising
    • Regular contributor and retired vet Malcolm Welshman talks to the owls
    • The Somerset and Dorset Air Ambulance has a new £8 million aircraft called ‘Pegasus’. For more information about the service visit dsairambulance.org.uk or email info@dsairambulance.org.uk or phone 01823 669604
    • Sandwiches – big business worth £8 billion; we munch the figures and tell the history
    • Why the suggested Weymouth to Waterloo alternative route via Yeovil by train is a daft idea

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 15th November 2017

    • Andy Worth, chairman of Ridgeway Radio, talks about the plans for community radio in Dorchester and the surrounding area.
    • John gets “nicked” for speeding and reports on attendance at a Speed Awareness Course, “better than three points on my driving licence,” he says.
    • A report on gambling and the addiction to Fixed Odd Betting Terminals – the facts will amaze.
    • We hear about a man called Dora who never bought a round of drinks…why?
    • Poundbury Garden Centre’s Lisa Bond talks about her allotment in winter.

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 1st November 2017

    • We have an update on finding a suitable site for the “Bus Shelter” that will sleep 17 homeless people. But the bus is not moving just yet.
    • Ridgeway Magazine vet Malcolm Welshman advises against “Googling” your pet’s health issues. A misdiagnosis might result.
    • Fly tipping is a problem in the county but we meet a man who has built a shop in Weymouth using only waste material.
    • Too old to drive safely? We report on Dorset Older Drivers’ Forum sponsored by the Dorset Police and championed by Lord Fellowes.
    • Train buff and Antiques Roadshow’s Paul Atterbury on model railways – have they gone too far?
    • White rabbits! white rabbits! and a “pinch and a punch for the first of the month!”…but why? We have the answers.

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    Ridgeway Magazine 1st November 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 18th October 2017

    • Radio One is 50 years old but we celebrate Pirate Radio with our own Geoff Atherton, Ridgeway Radio presenter, former pirate radio DJ and record plugger.
    • Elvis died 40 years ago. We mark his passing (did he ever leave?) with an extended interview with Ted Harrison, author of the book “The Death and Resurrection of Elvis Presley”.

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)
    Ridgeway Magazine 18th October 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 4th October 2017

    • Lost for words? We read 30 funny old words that have been rediscovered
    • What happens to lost luggage? It goes to auction!
    • Weymouth Council leader explains the North Quay sale problem.
    • Pet Patter: our vet talks about saving a python which had swallowed its heating pad.
    • Lost your umbrella on the underground? The lost property office dealt with 332,000 items last year.
    • War on waste – how long do things take to biodegrade?
    • Have you forgotten about a personal pension paid into at work? We tell you how to track it down. Useful info to accompany this item: to trace forgotten pensions phone 0345 600 2537, or go to this website www.gov.uk/find-pension-contact-details or write to Pensions Tracing Service 9, Mail Handling Site A, Wolverhampton WV98 1LU. Note, the Government’s service is free whereas commercial companies providing the same service will charge you.

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)
    Ridgeway Magazine 4th October 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 20th September 2017

    • So you want to be a fire fighter? Section Commander at Weymouth Fire Station, Dave Allen, tells us about the job.

    Two anniversaries:

    1. The 999 emergency number is 80 years old and we chart its progress and warn about making hoax calls.
    2. ERNIE, the machine that chooses Premium Bond winners is 60 this year. He’s chosen prizes valued at £17 billion
    • School hols – do you want four or five short breaks a year?
    • Lucy from Poundbury Gardens gives her tips for September.
    • Concluding our series on the history of the cinema – it’s all change at the flicks these days.

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)
    Ridgeway Magazine 20th September 2017 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 6th September 2017

    • Weymouth Pavilion is now the best show in town after four years of community ownership.
    • We talk to the Mad Hatters of Bridport at Hatterday festival.
    • Our vet and animal expert Malcolm Welshman answers the question, “Where have all the swallows gone?”
    • Some fruity remarks by our MPs about what they call each other.

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)
    Ridgeway Magazine 6th September 2017 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 23rd August 2017

    In this edition we go to France for a snapshot of life across the channel taking in:

    • ‘Le cricket’
    • McDonalds with knives and forks
    • Motoring
    • What President Macron has been up to


    • A report on what happens if you lose your passport whilst abroad
    • We re-visit the Horse Course
    • We visit a lady who rescues hedgehogs
    • And take your seats for part two of our Romance of the Cinema

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)
    Ridgeway Magazine 23rd August 2017 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 9th August 2017

    Four legs good, two legs bad. This edition features animals.

    • Vet Malcolm Welshman tells us how dogs communicate – is the tail wagging up, down or sideways?
    • A dog whisperer (yes really!) talks to a mixed-up dog about its unhappy past.
    • We visit the Horse Course where mixed-up adults and children find that horses can change their moods.
    • The pig is man’s best friend….discuss.
    • Those clever children from Damers First School are still selling their prizewinning ‘Spic and Span’ product. We visit Poundbury Food Festival and meet them again.

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)
    Ridgeway Magazine 9th August 2017 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 19th July 2017

    • To the Norwegian fjords where folk have to have two jobs to survive.
    • Know a wolverine: the mad dog-like predator that can climb trees and kills sheep for fun!
    • Politics: in Norway, even the fish voted no! to the EU.
    • We go below decks on a mighty cruise ship and the captain reads a letter form a 10 year old.
    • Follow-up story: winning Damers First School do it again. An interview with Eco Club Team Leader, Edd Moore. Also read the full report in the Dorset Echo here.
    • In the week the Dunkirk film is released, we hear about “My Girl” and her float-on part.

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)
    Ridgeway Magazine 19th July 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 5th July 2017

    • Two budding business brains aged eight and nine talk about creating an eco-friendly product for a national young entrepreneurs competition.
    • We list the top 10 films of all time and learn the movies were a British, not Hollywood, invention.
    • Credit cards: the “flexible friend” is 51 and the ATM is 50 years old.
    • Did “World No Tobacco Day” pass you by? We investigate puff, snuff and statistical stuff.
    • Barbara Purnell, chair of Friends of DCH, reprises their work.

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)
    Ridgeway Magazine 5th July 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 21st June 2017

    • You can go on a Hard Hat Tour of the Shire Hall in Dorchester which will reopen as a heritage centre next year. We report on progress.
    • The Decadettes give us a tune or two resplendent in their Poppy Dresses while they collect money for the Royal British Legion.
    • We talk to Poppy Butcher, organiser of Weymouth’s Military Vehicle Parade, now in her eighties and just as well organised as the young secretary she once was on D Day.
    • Do pets look like their owners? Ridgeway Magazine’s vet Malcolm Welshman tells us.
    • Railway trivia – some stories from life on the lines.
    • Lisa Bond from Poundbury Garden Centre takes us to her allotment for the third time.
    • Dorset Police with a serious warning about fraud – don’t let it happen to you.

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)
    Ridgeway Magazine 21st June 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 7th June 2017

    • We have an interview with antiques expert Eric Knowles, of Antiques Roadshow fame, who was recently in Dorchester.
    • Travelling abroad? Check if you need a Visa as well as your passport, a Dorchester travel agent advises.
    • Should old men wear shorts not to mention back-to-front baseball caps?
    • We look at the history of trousers and how a Royal accident became a trouser fashion.
    • The new Friends’ shop in the hospital has something for everyone.
    • Weymouth’s Colwell Centre reopens as the School Street Shopping Plaza – we pay a visit.

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)
    Ridgeway Magazine 7th June 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 24th May 2017

    • With 2 billion people expected to speak English by 2020,  Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) pays well and we tell you how to get on a course.
    • Our feature “Pets Patter”, with retired vet and author Malcolm Welshman, tells us how to make a cat do what YOU want!
    • Where is the “Bus Shelter”, a converted bus which will sleep 20 homeless people, to park? “Not here!” say Weymouth councillors.
    • Gardening tips concentrate on slugs and other pests.
    • We report on the newest must-have, reconditioned wind-up gramophones.

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)
    Ridgeway Magazine 10th May 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 10th May 2017

    • Good use for an old double decker bus. We report on one being converted into a “bus shelter” for rough sleepers
    • Dorset Police are asking for volunteers from villages to join “Community Speed Watch” while the French Police aim to issue 12 million speeding tickets with the help of new sophisticated radar traps.
    • Meanwhile the Community Car Scheme in Dorset needs volunteer drivers to take folk to hospital and doctors’ surgeries.
    • Want to squeeze inside a WW2 tank, “drive” a Jeep and shoot down a plane? The Portland D Day Centre is hands-on war!

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)
    Ridgeway Magazine 10th May 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 19th April 2017

    • Dorset Police give a timely warning about the safe disposal of marine distress flares. A weekend collection of out-of-date flares saw 2,000 handed in, the oldest dating from 1964.
    • We take a look at the history of holidays for the workers and found Britain has only eight public hols while the rest of Europe averages 11.
    • A report on the still-closed Colwell Centre, Weymouth, reveals some interesting facts about an unofficial Tourist Information Centre.
    • Two Weymouth stories – has the “decaying”town been smartened up for summer and a report on the Lions’ Club “wave wade” for charity.
    • Finally, Marmite – the funny peculiar facts.

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)
    Ridgeway Magazine 19th April 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 29th March 2017

    • Our gardening expert Lucy Simpson, from Poundbury Gardens, tells us about the garden in springtime.
    • In Pet Patter we talk to our resident vet Malcolm Welshman about animals that are mimics.
    • We’ll have to forgive John on his rant about South West Trains’ bus replacement services which are weekend events at the moment.
    • Should we all ‘man up’? Not according to a university which has banned the use of the descriptive word ‘man’ in lectures and on campus.
    • With the introduction of the new one pound coin we wonder if you have a forged pound in your pocket – if so get rid of it quickly.

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)
    Ridgeway Magazine 29th March 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 8th March 2017

    • Ridgeway Magazine went on patrol with Dorset Police in the search of mobile phone users. The new law was explained together with a warning that a “stop” by Police might end with your car being seized!
    • A million visitors are expected in Weymouth; we look at some of the 250 events and festivals planned for 2017.
    • We follow up the story about dilapidated Weymouth with Rachel Stretton from the Dorset Echo.
    • The leader of Weymouth council talks about plans for the Peninsular (Pavilion) site.
    • We have a special report on loneliness among young people with psychoanalyst and counsellor Alison Moore.

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)
    Ridgeway Magazine 8th March 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 22nd February 2017

    • We take a walk around Weymouth in the company of a local resident who has shamed the council in to smartening up the town centre.
    • Pet Patter – Do pets really have a sense of humour, with Malcolm Welshman.
    • What’s good enough for charity shops and what’s not.
    • The advice given to rail passengers for their own safety….150 years ago!
    • Lucy Simpson from Poundbury Gardens gives us gardening tips for this time of year.

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)
    Ridgeway Magazine 22nd February 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 8th February 2017

    • Food wastage and an appeal from Weymouth based charity, Soul Food, for working fridges and freezers.
    • We re-visit a previous item about writing a will. Cowboy will writers? Yes, they exist!
    • We talk to a tattoo artist with a cosmetic difference, who has had 8 million hits online since her story went viral!
    • Finally, a timely reminder for Valentines Day and how did it all begin?

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)
    Ridgeway Magazine 8th February 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 25th January 2017

    A packed programme includes:

    • Cleaning Up After Fido? Dog poo was once called “pure” and was collected for money.
    • US Presidents were a weird bunch and we looked at their gifts and foibles.
    • New Year Resolutions for pets, with our studio guest, author and vet Malcolm Welshman.
    • Texting While Walking  You could be fined in America.
    • Tax Returns  The dog ate my tax papers and other excuses unlikely to impress HMRC when not filing tax returns.
    • Visit to Norway  Ridgeway Radio’s visit, with John, to Norway’s capital, Oslo, to a Viking museum, and no, the Vikings did not wear helmets with horns.

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)
    Ridgeway Magazine 25th January 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 11th January 2017

    The latest edition features:

    • The right and wrong ways to write a will
    • Getting married at sea
    • Careers aboard cruise liners
    • New Year’s Resolutions – did you make any and will you keep them?

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)
    Ridgeway Magazine 11th Jan 2017

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 14th December 2016

    • Is Santa Claus past his sell-by date? (Hmmm, controversial!)
    • As the ‘tummy bug’ season arrives, we have an ‘Odd Ode’ about hygiene in the kitchen (courtesy, Cyril Fletcher)
    • Advice on how to prevent fraudsters getting their hands on you hard earned cash
    • Pet Patter – are our pets psychic?
    • We follow the progress of our allotment novice who grew 23 varieties of potato

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)

    Ridgeway Magazine 14th December 2016

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 30th November 2016

    • Cyber Crime. Are you among the 1 in 4 Brits who have been affected?
    • The empty Weymouth Council Offices and why local councillors are powerless to decide the future of the buildings.
    • Being invited to dinner in a grand house 300 years ago. Did you know that, as a guest, you were expected to take your own knife, fork, spoon and potty!?
    • Battlefield Tours. Featuring the Western Front Association, based in Pimperne.

    Click the Play button to listen (also available on our Listen page)

    Ridgeway Magazine 30th November 2016

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 9th November 2016

    • Pet Patter – Vet Malcolm Welshman talks about animals who watch TV
    • BBC TV is 90 years old
    • What happened to “Penny for The Guy”?
    • Drunk as a Lord – where did that saying come from?

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    Ridgeway Magazine 9th November 2016

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 26th October 2016

    • Take-away food and the way it’s changing our eating habits.
    • Local MP Richard Drax talks about the final months of the Search & Rescue helicopter and plans for the future.
    • Richard Drax also talks of the hope for survival of the Land Registry Office which has been threatened with closure or privatisation.
    • The Driving Test is 80 years old. We take a look back at its beginnings.
    • Autumn gardening tips from Poundbury Gardens’ Lucy Simpson.

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    Ridgeway Magazine 12th October 2016

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 12th October 2016

    • Why is Weymouth among the 10 unhappiest places to live? Two views; journalist Harry Walton lists Weymouth’s faults and good points and guest house proprietor can only see the best. The peninsular site by the harbour; Weymouth council leader Geoff Cant explains the idea for a giant entertainments complex and the in-house finance possibility.
    • As the clocks go back, we find the extra hour is 100 years old this year and remember when there were TWO extra hours in summer..
    • The national Illegal Lending Team has got its collective eye on Dorset loan sharks with a phone number to report usurers.
    • Finally, examine the small change in your pocket. Some coins are worth £10’s and £100’s and we tell you which.

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    Ridgeway Magazine 12th October 2016

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 28th September 2016

    • Pet Patter – a new monthly feature with vet Malcolm Welshman
    • News of the closure ofr Weymouth’s seafront loos
    • And Odd Ode about poor Sonia Snell – spent a penny but caused her hell!
    • Ron Bowers, retired Los Angeles Police Department Prosecutor, on the American way of justice.

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    Ridgeway Magazine 28th September 2016

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  • Ridgeway magazine 14th September 2016

    • The Fire of London –  recently remembered on its 350th anniversary, was nothing compared to the Great Fire of Dorchester which in 1613 almost destroyed the entire town of 2,000 souls. Local historian Kate Hebditch tells the story.
    • High Speed History –  A young art expert was challenged to relate the history of art in five minutes …she did it in eight!
    • Seagulls  –  A local councillor set out the initiative that has been taken to discourage people from feeding gulls by sticking advisory labels on takeaway food packaging. Can seagulls read?
    • Interviews by Los Angeles Police Department –  Another in the series of interviews by Los Angeles Police Department prosecutor  describing crimes committed by the “dumbest” criminals.
    • Gardening tips for September. Lucy Simpson from Poundbury Gardens joins us once again with some very useful advice.

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    Ridgeway Magazine 14th September 2016

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 31st August 2016

    We look in to the possible demise of local tourist information centres. Joining in the discussion are David Taylor, town and district councillor, and Alison Weller, Chair of Weymouth Hoteliers, Guest Houses and Leaseholders Association. Also in this edition we ask when is a supermarket not super except for its super-inflated prices and investigate our enthusiasm for forensic science with the help of a former Los Angeles Police Department forensic scientist. Finally, continuing the tourist theme, we feature some daft questions asked by tourists!

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    Ridgeway Magazine 31st August 2016

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 17th August 2016

    Ridgeway Magazine featured an interview with a Los Angeles Police Department Prosecuting Attorney who talked about the history of forensic science which began in England 200 years ago. He brought the subject to life by discussing the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe which he recently re-investigated as a “cold case”. Modern policing was reflected in an interview with the “No excuses” campaign leader in Dorset who talked about the county’s introduction of drug driving tests. Other subjects: when suntans became fashionable replacing the often poisonous pale and interesting look, a wry take on whether the Chinese can build Hinkley Point and why Mr. Punch might be forced to leave his pitch on Weymouth beach.

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    Ridgeway Magazine 17th August 2016

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 3rd August 2016

    Dorset Police Superintendent Peter Little was a live guest on Ridgeway Magazine and explained why research showed 40 per cent of Dorset parents believe their children are safer playing outside than being on-line. He discussed “stranger danger” in the context of children making “friends” with people they don’t know who could lead them into trouble and what parents should do to install parental controls. Ruth Hayes, gardening editor of “Amateur Gardener”, stood in for our regular gardening expert and gave answers to the most frequently asked questions. We reported on the anniversary of credit cards which are exactly 50 years old, and asked if Britain is living above its means given the startling amount of personal debt.

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    Ridgeway Magazine 3rd August 2016

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 20th July 2016

    John concludes his cruise to Russia by talking to the Captain of his cruise ship, The Emerald Princess, as well as the Cruise Director and his assistant who are in charge of the on board activities. Also, some useful information about the Isle of Wight as John talks to an island Tour Manager. Plus did you know that the Speaking Clock is 80 years old? – everything you need to know is here.

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    Ridgeway Magazine 20th July 2016

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 6th July 2016

    This edition features part 2 of John’s trip to Russia taking in Finland and Poland along the way. Also, in this edition, txt spk…the acronyms we use when texting or, in years gone by when writing home to our loved ones, including a few you may never have heard of.

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    Ridgeway Magazine 6th July 2016

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 22nd June 2016

    Come with us to Ghent, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Estonia in Part 1 of this very special edition featuring John’s recent trip en route to Russia.

    The Ridgeway Radio  Outside Broadcast Unit went to Russia and many ports on the way. This programme featured Ghent, a canal trip, a report on world famous Belgian chocolate and why the city has 2,000 pubs. John visited  Copenhagen and heard about its mermaids, its palaces including  the changing of the guard and was told a Hans Christian Anderson story about a little mermaid. Then to Stockholm to see the most amazing museum devoted entirely to a 17th century man of war which, apart from the sails, is virtually complete having been salvaged from “sweet” non- corrosive water. The guide in Estonia talked about the country’s rich flora and fauna which is the backbone of its tourist trade. Its capital Talinn has a medieval charm, a small city where time stands still. There will be more to come from John’s trip in the next edition of Ridgeway Magazine.

    Back home, also in this programme, the gardening slot featured a young novice gardener and a visit to her allotment. Under the guidance of Poundbury Gardens (one of our supporters) she told listeners how she started from scratch with no experience in February and, apart from growing 23 varieties of potatoes, is now cropping strawberries, rhubarb and rocket and her broad beans are coming on nicely.

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    Ridgeway Magazine 220616

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  • Ridgeway Magazine and Legal Eagles 25th May 2016

    Subjects in the latest Ridgeway Magazine included charity funding for a new cancer facility at Dorset County Hospital, Weymouth Pavilion BrExit meeting, gardening tips from Poundbury Garden Centre, and tipping – rubbish and waiters! The guest on Legal Eagles was Nick Grassby from Humphries Kirk, Solicitors, who talked about Making a Will.

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  • Ridgeway Magazine 30th March 2016

    Two new interviews are now available to hear online from the 30th March 2016 edition of Ridgeway Magazine. John talked to

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