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This page accompanies our programme of the same name which is broadcast on a Wednesday at 11am. You can hear the most recent programmes by selecting an edition below.

  • Ridgeway Magazine 21st March 2018
    • Ridgeway Magazine vet Malcolm Welshman gets up close to Jonathan the tortoise. At186 he, the tortoise, is the world’s oldest land animal.
    • John talks about his afternoon with Ken Dodd and remembers the occasions they worked together.
    • Publications – the Beano is 100 years old and Exchange and Mart is 150. Well, that’s just Dandy as we take a look at comics.
    • Weymouth’s lukewarm reception for the local council’s ideas for the Peninsular site beside the harbour; we report.
    • Weymouth’s town museum re-opens in a new and improved venue.
    • A new feature – “Andy’s Funny Bone” in which Andy Venton chooses his favourite humorous recordings.
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  • Ridgeway Magazine 7th March 2018
    • Irritating phone calls? There could be scammers “phishing” for your personal details. We tell you how to stop them free of charge through the Telephone Preference Service.
    • We list eight sure fire ways to spot a scam and warn against some old fashioned con tricks still doing the rounds including Ponzi schemes and pyramid selling.
    • Table manners and will children stop using knives, forks and spoons? A historian tells us who invented cutlery and why it was important to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth.
    • Pet Patter investigates hamsters courtesy of Ridgeway Magazine’s resident vet.
    • We look at the history of crosswords and challenge listeners to answer clues from the first ever printed 105 years ago. Not many clues but we defy you to get them right.
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  • Ridgeway Magazine 21st February 2018
    • Town and district councillor, David Taylor, is our studio guest and talks about the question of the future of the charter market. If shops are built on the market site, will Dorchester become a town of two halves?
    • Weymouth councillor Alison Reed puts the case for Weymouth becoming a town council…in other words a parish council, and what’s in it for the town when it joins the unitary authority.
    • A warning from Dorset Police to be on our guard against fraudsters pretending to be police officers. We hear a recording of an actual phone fraud in progress.
    • We list a few events for which 2018 is an anniversary year.
    • Who remembers Max Collie and his Rhythm Aces? We air an appreciation and receive a cd for the Ridgeway Community Radio sale of music appeal.
    • Got a wedding coming up? Why not hire a wind-up gramophone plus 78s specially for the occasion. Mike Coslett from Bridport has all you need.
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  • Ridgeway Magazine 7th February 2018
      • Vindictive Valentine cards? As well as sweet sentiments and soppy poems, 150 years ago there were also cards for cads and pigs…..male, of course. They are on display at the Priest House Museum, Wimborne.
      • The ancient Roman way of romance entailed violence to young women. Saint Valentine was not amused and lost his head to the Emperor Claudius, but not before he left a love message to a young girl…and started something!
      • Gardening tips – how to use ash and soot in the garden. Slugs and snails do not like it.
      • Even pets get the January Blues as we are told in this instalment of ‘Pet Patter’.
      • Five things you must do before you go on holiday. And how you might beat the price hike for a passport.
      • News from Ridgeway Community Radio: plans for a ginormous fundraising sale of vinyl records, CDs, music videos and DVDs.
      • A Sneak Peek of the work in making the Shire Hall in Dorchester an historical experience to really look forward to.
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  • Ridgeway Magazine 24th January 2018
    • Enigma, the German military encoding machine, drew a full house at the Corn Exchange when it went on show as part of a talk given by world authority  Dr. Mark Baldwin on how the enemy codes were devised and then broken. He tells Ridgeway Magazine Enigma was invented 20 years before the war and was sold in shops.
    • Weymouth’s early history will have to be re-written…research shows the Black Death and great plague did not start with rats jumping ship in the port.
    • Where have all the newspaper delivery boys and girls gone? Broadwey Village stores still delivers newspaper but the number of boys and girls have halved in recent years and the conditions of employment (yes, really!) have tightened.
    • Second Chance, the Weymouth charity which collects and sells re-conditioned furniture and appliances to needy folk has closed – but there is still Dorset Reclaim as we report.
    • Is art worth collecting? No, we are told, buy what you really like.
    • And we invite listeners to play our song title game, courtesy of broadcaster and jazz band leader Chris Walker.
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