the former radio station for Dorset County Hospital

Ridgeway Magazine 3rd July 2019

  • The Magazine ‘visits’ New Delhi, Beijing and Sao Paulo, three of the world’s most populated cities and samples the atmosphere courtesy of five pods in which the atmospheric conditions were replicated. They were installed in Portland and all were invited to take the ‘poisonous’ air
  • The first 100 days of the new unitary authority which merged five Dorset councils into one in April. How has Weymouth fared since the change? The Town Clerk speaks
  • General Lord Dannatt tells RM how he created the charity Help for Heroes. It all started in his flat
  • A survey indicates how men are forced to use up less space in the house as women take over the drawers and wardrobes and then demand a clean-up and clear out. True or False?
  • Roses can be tricky to grow. Our gardening expert offers some advice