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    Today on Ridgeway Radio

    On radio channel 1 of the Hospedia bedside unit in Dorset County Hospital and Online (see above) on your own device. Ridgeway Radio now relays many programmes from KeeP 106 together with dedicated live programmes for DCH. Now and upcoming…

    KeeP The Faith
    a selection of modern worship music with Kieran Williams
    Geoff Atherton is The Keeper
    (at least, until 1) Great music with Geoff, including Double Dips, The B's, Whistle while you Twerk and Kid's Korner
    Super 60s Songfest
    Full programme schedule here

    Latest News

    • Paul Atterbury live in the studio gives a heads up (perhaps that should be eyes down) on the upcoming Dorchester Literature Festival.
    • Sir Tim Smit, chairman of Eden Project International, introduces Portlanders to the plans for a world class attraction and gives Ridgeway Magazine exclusively his “no brainer” idea for another attraction on the Isle.
    • “Pet Patter”…vet Malcolm Welshman talks about his new book “An Armful of Animals” and gives us a peek inside it.
    • Do children still pay conkers in this age of Health and Safety?  We report on how the “conkering” Germans have saved the World Conker Championships.
    • Littlemoor has at last got its new shop which sells food. Is it just what the locals wanted?

    • The Weymouth harbour-side Peninsular (Pavilion) site. The council’s leisure focused plans, just announced, are derided by the business community. And is the site really worth millions, or not much at all?
    • We harness the views of the Weymouth Business Investment District, the Chamber of Trade and a developer.
    • A councillor accuses the council of not listening to the views of the townspeople and voting to go ahead with the unpopular plan.
    • We visit Radipole RSPB nature reserve and report 17 swans may not have been stolen or slaughtered after all. And autumn is the best time for bird watching.
    • We air the second part of the report on shared ownership – this time for the elderly in Poundbury.

    A new fundraising initiative at Dorset County Hospital will allow for clearer and quicker procedures for patients with pleural diseases.

    The initiative is being driven by the Friends of DCH, who have pledged to raise £17,000 for a new ultrasound machine for the Respiratory Department.
    A main benefit of the machine will be allowing the respiratory team to diagnose patients suffering from pleural effusion more efficiently.

    Pleural effusion is a build-up of fluid between the lung and the chest wall and causes breathlessness and chest pain and can be found in conditions including cancer, pneumonia, rheumatoid arthritis, heart or liver failure and kidney disease. (more…)

    • Scallop Wars – a West Country trawler skipper tells of his experiences of being threatened and attacked by French fishermen
    • “Cyril the Squirrel” gets his moment of fame, as told by vet Malcolm Welshman in this edition of ‘Pet Patter’
    • We visit Mad Hatter day in Bridport and talk to a lady “sheep hatter” who takes biodiversity to the extreme. And no, she’s not mad!
    • Where do all the phrases with the word hat in them come from? We explain, at the drop of a hat.
    • One man (and his tank) who collects buckets of money for Help For Heroes – a report
    • Dorset is famous for collections of historical military vehicles. We find an enthusiast who rebuilds WW2 Jeeps from the wheels up.

    Air Ambulance charities across the country are once again coming together to celebrate National Air Ambulance Week (NAAW) which takes place between 10th – 16th September 2018.

    Operational every single day, air ambulances are funded by the generosity of the public and treat over 25,000 patients throughout the year. On average, an air ambulance is deployed every 10 minutes; bringing the hospital to the patient and treating the most critically ill or seriously injured in their time of need.

    Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance will be using National Air Ambulance Week to raise awareness of their life-saving work via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@DSAIRAMBULANCE). Many supporters are already holding events, dressing up, or going to school in mufti to raise funds and it is not too late to get involved.

    Tracy Bartram, Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance Communications Manager said: (more…)

    Community Radio News

    KeeP 106 logoThe new community radio station from Dorchester is now up and running and Ridgeway Radio is relaying some of it’s programmes as well as live programmes especially for our listeners in Dorset County Hospital.

    If you would like to be involved with KeeP 106 there are many ways to do so. We need volunteers including presenters, technicians, production assistants, fundraisers and local event reporters.

    For more information about KeeP 106 follow these links:

    If you are interested in sponsoring the new community radio station for Dorchester, or would like to be involved with the station in some way, please use this contact form

    Ridgeway Radio is proud to be a member of the

    For up to date visitor information go to the Dorset County Hospital website. Click the logo…