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KeeP 106 logo The community radio station from Dorchester has been up and running for some months now and listeners in Dorset County Hospital are able to listen via the Internet on their personal devices such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop with headphones/ear buds etc, or, of course, an FM radio on 106.3. If you would like to be involved with KeeP 106 there are many ways to do so. We need volunteers including presenters, technicians, production assistants, fundraisers and local event reporters. For more information about KeeP 106 follow these links:
If you are interested in sponsoring the new community radio station for Dorchester, or would like to be involved with the station in some way, please use this contact form

Latest News

Hundreds of cyclists assembled at Watchet Harbour on the Somerset coast to take part in the 9th annual Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance Coast to Coast (C2C) Cycle Challenge on Sunday 12th May.

The event, which is not a race, has become an annual spectacular and this year was no exception. Of the cyclists who managed to gain a place, 571 turned out on the day, including a total of 41 teams. (more…)

  • Beware scams old and new. Author Roger Guttridge reprises an 18th century Dorset scam which did not end well for the tricksters and Dorset Police add a modern day warning
  • What happens when the Police seize and impound your vehicle? This has caused no end of trouble for almost 2,400 Dorset vehicle owners since 2017
  • Old wives’ tales….any truth in them? We explore some
  • ‘Me time’ and why tens of thousands of women are holidaying on their own. A Dorchester travel agent says it’s a growing trend
  • We have advice for solo female travellers…pack a door stopper and more
  • Are you a landlord? Don’t bury your head in the sand and ignore far-reaching news laws
  • Weymouth Esplanade lighting. The project manager says “By the end of the year” for sure

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Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance is holding its 9th annual Coast to Coast (C2C) Cycle Challenge on Sunday 12th May 2019 and is hoping that the public will come out in support of the 600 cyclists taking part.

The event, which is not a race, involves a challenging 54-mile cycle ride which starts at Watchet Harbour in the North and ends at West Bay in the South, following a wonderfully scenic route through the beautiful Somerset and Dorset countryside. A staggered start will see the stronger cyclists set off first at 11.00am with the less experienced riders departing at 11.15am. (more…)

  • We hear from the President of the Dorset Association of Parish Councils who describes why they are so important and the reason to elect new councillors
  • Superloos: Weymouth’s Town Clerk talks about the gender neutral element that worries people and seeks to allay their fears
  • Two items about pets: Pet Patter’s subject is dogs and the signals they give out. And a dog walker gives some advice about insurance and other aspects
  • Flying away on hols? We tell you the things airlines don’t want you to know by airing cabin crew secrets
  • Slugs – the gardeners’friend? The Royal Horticultural Society says they can be
  • Continuing the history of bad weather clothing. This time hats and coats

In this 75th anniversary year of the D-Day landings we present a special edition of Ridgeway Magazine featuring interviews made during a visit John made to the D-Day landing grounds in Normandy.

  • Lord Danatt, former Chief of Staff of the British Army, reviews the military aspects of both Overlord and the failed raid on Dieppe two years earlier which led to Hitler’s order that commandos and Special Forces were to be shot if captured
  • Military historian Andrew Roberts reveals some of the ideas that worked for the Allies and some that did not.
  • Two young French people have surprising views on the landings – seems many French would rather not be reminded
  • Chris Copson, curator of The Keep Military Museum, reprises the important role played by the Dorset Regiment on D-Day and Dorset’s subsequent fight towards Arnhem
  • Keeping the invasion plans a secret…a local man tells us about an important relic of that period he discovered

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