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The community radio station from Dorchester has been running for over two years now and listeners in Dorset County Hospital are able to listen via the Internet on their personal devices such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop with headphones/ear buds etc, or, of course, an FM radio on 106.3.

If you would like to be involved with KeeP 106 there are many ways to do so. We need volunteers including presenters, technicians, production assistants, fundraisers and local event reporters.

For more information about KeeP 106 follow these links:

If you are interested in sponsoring the new community radio station for Dorchester, or would like to be involved with the station in some way, please use this contact form

Latest News

The introduction of decimal coinage – some personal views • 1971 – a troubled year in review • The stories behind two old favourites; Babycham and Smiths crisps • Cold start, won’t start? Advice from the RAC • Bruised and battered garden? – Don’t worry says Ruth • Final episode – the washer-upper who bought a hotel…

Figures published today (19 Feb 2021) show the COVID-19 vaccination programme which started on December 8 has now delivered 240,890 doses in Dorset and rising.

Over 15 million people have now received at least one dose across the UK with those aged 65 and over now being invited to book a vaccination. (more…)

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Local people are being invited to choose the images which will be used as artwork on the sides of Dorset County Hospital’s new multi-storey car park.

The metal facades will be added to three sides of the building and feature images of local landscapes and landmarks, a theme chosen by hospital staff to illustrate the hospital’s catchment area. (more…)

Tales of royalty, film stars and a lady of the night at a grand hotel • Pip Squeak and Wilfred, Rupert Bear and Teddy Tail remembered • Why Christopher Robin’s childhood was unhappy • The history of loo paper and a warning to wash hands • Florence Nightingale at 200: more reformer than nurse • Whatever happened to common sense? • A girl’s dash for her life to escape a desert war • Spotlight on a charity…the ‘MV Freedom’…

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