the former radio station for Dorset County Hospital
KeeP 106 logo The community radio station from Dorchester has been up and running for some months now and listeners in Dorset County Hospital are able to listen via the Internet on their personal devices such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop with headphones/ear buds etc, or, of course, an FM radio on 106.3. If you would like to be involved with KeeP 106 there are many ways to do so. We need volunteers including presenters, technicians, production assistants, fundraisers and local event reporters. For more information about KeeP 106 follow these links:
If you are interested in sponsoring the new community radio station for Dorchester, or would like to be involved with the station in some way, please use this contact form

Latest News

A new fundraising initiative at Dorset County Hospital will help provide earlier diagnosis for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Friends of Dorset County Hospital have pledged to raise £20,000 for a new ultrasound machine for the Rheumatology Department. The machine will be able to assist in the early diagnosis and treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune condition where the immune system attacks healthy tissues causing pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints.

Rheumatoid Arthritis affects around (more…)

Rates relief for small businesses announced, but will it help. Claudia Webb of Weymouth BID explains • Who remembers Teddy Tail, Pip Squeak and Wilfred while Rupert Bear is still with us after 100 years • Florence Nightingale born 200 years ago was far more than the ‘Lady with the Lamp’ and why did she spend her last 30 years in bed? • Gardening tips and questions answered by Ruth Hayes • Congrats to ‘The Diary’ – 20 years old and still going strong when other publications have failed • Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but do you know if they’re real? • Can cows tell if it’s going to rain and do you get wetter if you run or walk in the rain? Fact or fiction…

Women giving birth at Dorset County Hospital can be assured of high standards of care.

Results from the Care Quality Commission’s 2019 Maternity Survey highlighted DCH as surpassing the national average in a number of key areas.

The Trust’s results were rated higher than most trusts for seven questions, with the most positive results relating to (more…)

Ambulance handover times at Dorset County Hospital are now the quickest in the South West region thanks to an innovative new approach.

The Emergency Department (ED) team have established a Flow Assistance Bay (FAB) which has made a significant difference to how fast patients coming into the department from ambulances can be assessed and treated.

Ambulance crews arriving at DCH now hand over their patients to the care of a dedicated team of nurses, healthcare assistants and clinicians who are on hand 24/7 in a specially designed area of the ED right next to the ambulance entrance.

The new facility ensures patients (more…)

Our main feature in this edition is an extended interview with Ken Lennox, four times Press Photographer of the Year, with memories of Princess Diana, to war with Kate Adie and peace with Paul McCartney. Also Car Theft surprise – Dorset is one of the worst areas just behind Glasgow and Surrey. In ‘Pet Patter’ Malcolm Welshman, our tame vet, chooses fish as his subject…


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