the former radio station for Dorset County Hospital

Ridgeway Magazine D-Day Special 3rd April 2019

In this 75th anniversary year of the D-Day landings we present a special edition of Ridgeway Magazine featuring interviews made during a visit John made to the D-Day landing grounds in Normandy.

  • Lord Danatt, former Chief of Staff of the British Army, reviews the military aspects of both Overlord and the failed raid on Dieppe two years earlier which led to Hitler’s order that commandos and Special Forces were to be shot if captured
  • Military historian Andrew Roberts reveals some of the ideas that worked for the Allies and some that did not.
  • Two young French people have surprising views on the landings – seems many French would rather not be reminded
  • Chris Copson, curator of The Keep Military Museum, reprises the important role played by the Dorset Regiment on D-Day and Dorset’s subsequent fight towards Arnhem
  • Keeping the invasion plans a secret…a local man tells us about an important relic of that period he discovered