the former radio station for Dorset County Hospital

Ridgeway Magazine 20th Feb 2019

  • The history of the theatre from Greek times to backstage at Weymouth’s Pavilion Theatre. An expert takes the stage and tells of the days when women were banned from attending
  • Filled in your self-employed tax return? You might like to hear of some of the more ridiculous taxes down the years from taxes on beards, clocks and hearths to hats!
  • As for VAT, there are some strange anomalies and some glaring inclusions
  • What are the chances of picking up a 60 year old magazine and seeing a picture of yourself? One listener did and tells us about her school’s experiment among its pupils in being socially responsible. It made the headlines in its day
  • Help is at hand with a craze said to be sweeping the country – the Repair Café movement is coming to Dorset.
  • In Pet Patter Malcolm advises ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’