the former radio station for Dorset County Hospital

Ridgeway magazine 14th September 2016

  • The Fire of London –  recently remembered on its 350th anniversary, was nothing compared to the Great Fire of Dorchester which in 1613 almost destroyed the entire town of 2,000 souls. Local historian Kate Hebditch tells the story.
  • High Speed History –  A young art expert was challenged to relate the history of art in five minutes …she did it in eight!
  • Seagulls  –  A local councillor set out the initiative that has been taken to discourage people from feeding gulls by sticking advisory labels on takeaway food packaging. Can seagulls read?
  • Interviews by Los Angeles Police Department –  Another in the series of interviews by Los Angeles Police Department prosecutor  describing crimes committed by the “dumbest” criminals.
  • Gardening tips for September. Lucy Simpson from Poundbury Gardens joins us once again with some very useful advice.

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Ridgeway Magazine 14th September 2016