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Arts In Hospital Concert with the Ridgeway Singers and Band

A recording of the Concert celebrating the 175th anniversary of Dorset County Hospital. The Ridgeway Singers and Band, led by Tim Laycock and Phil Humphries, performed Dorset carols, folksongs, dance tunes and new songs, with readings exploring the fascinating history of rural healthcare in Dorset. The concert was held in Dorset County Museum on 31st March 2016.

Arts In Hospital Concert

Clinical Research at Dorset County Hospital

An interview with two Clinical Nurses at DCH about the hospital's clinical research work.

Clinical Research interview

NHS Friends and Family Test

NHS England wants to make patients and the broader public aware of the opportunity to give feedback on their care and treatment that will help to bring about improvements in services.

The Friends and Family Test is a quick, easy and anonymous way to have your say and there have been 17 million responses since it began rolling out three years ago, with more than 90 per cent of them very positive and giving a much-needed morale boost to hard working staff.

It is in place across all NHS trusts, in primary care, mental health, community services and patient transport and patients can give feedback at any time.

Below is an interview, by NHS England, with some of the FFT team and you can get more information by following this link to the NHS England website or this link to the Dorset County Hospital website.

Interview - NHS Friends and Family Test

Ridgeway Magazine

29th March 2017

  • Our gardening expert Lucy Simpson, from Poundbury Gardens, tells us about the garden in springtime.
  • In Pet Patter we talk to our resident vet Malcolm Welshman about animals that are mimics.
  • We'll have to forgive John on his rant about South West Trains' bus replacement services which are weekend events at the moment.
  • Should we all 'man up'. Not according to a university which has banned the use of the word 'man' in lectures and on campus.
  • With the introduction of the new one pound coin we wonder if you have a forged pound in your pocket - if so get rid of it quickly.

Ridgeway Magazine 29th March 2017

8th March 2017

  • Ridgeway Magazine went on patrol with Dorset Police in the search of mobile phone users. The new law was explained together with a warning that a “stop” by Police might end with your car being seized!
  • A million visitors are expected in Weymouth; we look at some of the 250 events and festivals planned for 2017.
  • We follow up the story about dilapidated Weymouth with Rachel Stretton from the Dorset Echo.
  • The leader of Weymouth council talks about plans for the Peninsular (Pavilion) site.
  • We have a special report on loneliness among young people with psychoanalyst and counsellor Alison Moore.

Ridgeway Magazine 8th March 2017

22nd February 2017

  • We take a walk around Weymouth in the company of a local resident who has shamed the council in to smartening up the town centre.
  • Pet Patter - Do pets really have a sense of humour, with Malcolm Welshman.
  • What's good enough for charity shops and what's not.
  • The advice given to rail passengers for their own safety....150 years ago!
  • Lucy Simpson from Poundbury Gardens gives us gardening tips for this time of year.

Ridgeway Magazine 22nd February 2017

8th February 2017

  • Food wastage and an appeal from Weymouth based charity, Soul Food, for working fridges and freezers.
  • We re-visit a previous item about writing a will. Cowboy will writers? Yes, they exist!
  • We talk to a tattoo artist with a cosmetic difference, who has had 8 million hits online since her story went viral!
  • Finally, a timely reminder for Valentines Day and how did it all begin?

Ridgeway Magazine 8th February 2017

25th January 2017

  • Cleaning Up After Fido? Dog poo was once called “pure” and was collected for money.
  • US Presidents were a weird bunch and we looked at their gifts and foibles.
  • New Year Resolutions for pets, with our studio guest, author and vet Malcolm Welshman.
  • Texting While Walking  You could be fined in America.
  • Tax Returns  The dog ate my tax papers and other excuses unlikely to impress HMRC when not filing tax returns.
  • Visit to Norway  Ridgeway Radio’s visit, with John, to Norway’s capital, Oslo, to a Viking museum, and no, the Vikings did not wear helmets with horns.

Ridgeway Magazine 25th Jan 2017

11th January 2017

  • The right and wrong ways to write a will
  • Getting married at sea
  • Careers aboard cruise liners
  • New Year's Resolutions - did you make any and will you keep them?

Ridgeway Magazine 11th Jan 2017

14th December 2016

  • Is Santa Claus past his sell-by date? (Hmmm, controversial!)
  • As the 'tummy bug' season arrives, we have an 'Odd Ode' about hygiene in the kitchen (courtesy, Cyril Fletcher)
  • Advice on how to prevent fraudsters getting their hands on you hard earned cash
  • Pet Patter - are our pets psychic?
  • We follow the progress of our allotment novice who grew 23 varieties of potato

Ridgeway Magazine 14th December 2016

30th November 2016

  • Cyber Crime. Are you among the 1 in 4 Brits who have been affected?
  • The empty Weymouth Council Offices and why local councillors are powerless to decide the future of the buildings.
  • Being invited to dinner in a grand house 300 years ago. Did you know that, as a guest, you were expected to take your own knife, fork, spoon and potty!?
  • Battlefield Tours. Featuring the Western Front Association, based in Pimperne.

Ridgeway Magazine 30th November 2016

9th November 2016

  • Pet Patter - Vet Malcolm Welshman talks about animals who watch TV
  • BBC TV is 90 years old
  • What happened to "Penny for The Guy"?
  • Drunk as a Lord - where did that saying come from?

Ridgeway Magazine 9th November 2016

26th October 2016

  • Take-away food and the way it’s changing our eating habits.
  • Local MP Richard Drax talks about the final months of the Search & Rescue helicopter and plans for the future.
  • Richard Drax also talks of the hope for survival of the Land Registry Office which has been threatened with closure or privatisation.
  • The Driving Test is 80 years old. We take a look back at its beginnings.
  • Autumn gardening tips from Poundbury Gardens’ Lucy Simpson.

Ridgeway Magazine 26th October 2016

12th October 2016

  • Why is Weymouth among the 10 unhappiest places to live? Two views; journalist Harry Walton lists Weymouth’s faults and good points and guest house proprietor can only see the best. The peninsular site by the harbour; Weymouth council leader Geoff Cant explains the idea for a giant entertainments complex and the in-house finance possibility.
  • As the clocks go back, we find the extra hour is 100 years old this year and remember when there were TWO extra hours in summer..
  • The national Illegal Lending Team has got its collective eye on Dorset loan sharks with a phone number to report usurers.
  • Finally, examine the small change in your pocket. Some coins are worth £10’s and £100’s and we tell you which.

Ridgeway Magazine 28th September 2016

28th September 2016

  • Pet Patter - a new monthly feature with vet Malcolm Welshman
  • News of the closure of Weymouth's seafront loos
  • And Odd Ode about poor Sonia Snell - spent a penny but caused her hell!
  • Ron Bowers, retired Los Angeles Police Department Prosecutor, on the American way of justice.

Ridgeway Magazine 28th September 2016

14th September 2016

  • The Fire of London -  recently remembered on its 350th anniversary, was nothing compared to the Great Fire of Dorchester which in 1613 almost destroyed the entire town of 2,000 souls. Local historian Kate Hebditch tells the story.
  • High Speed History -  A young art expert was challenged to relate the history of art in five minutes ...she did it in eight!
  • Seagulls  -  A local councillor set out the initiative that has been taken to discourage people from feeding gulls by sticking advisory labels on takeaway food packaging. Can seagulls read?
  • Interviews by Los Angeles Police Department -  Another in the series of interviews by Los Angeles Police Department prosecutor  describing crimes committed by the “dumbest” criminals.
  • Gardening tips for September. Lucy Simpson from Poundbury Gardens joins us once again with some very useful advice.

Ridgeway Magazine 14th September 2016

31st August 2016

We look in to the possible demise of local tourist information centres. Joining in the discussion are David Taylor, town and district councillor, and Alison Weller, Chair of Weymouth Hoteliers, Guest Houses and Leaseholders Association. Also in this edition we ask when is a supermarket not super except for its super-inflated prices and investigate our enthusiasm for forensic science with the help of a former Los Angeles Police Department forensic scientist. Finally, continuing the tourist theme, we feature some daft questions asked by tourists!

Ridgeway Magazine 31st August 2016

17th August 2016

We featured an interview with a Los Angeles Police Department Prosecuting Attorney who talked about the history of forensic science which began in England 200 years ago. He brought the subject to life by discussing the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe which he recently re-investigated as a 'cold case'. Modern policing was reflected in an interview with the  'No excuses' campaign leader in Dorset who talked about the county’s introduction of drug driving tests. Other subjects: when suntans became fashionable replacing the often poisonous pale and interesting look, a wry take on whether the Chinese can build Hinkley Point and why Mr. Punch might be forced to leave his pitch on Weymouth beach.

Ridgeway Magazine 17th August 2016

3rd August 2016

Dorset Police Superintendent Peter Little was a live guest on Ridgeway Magazine and explained why research showed 40 per cent of Dorset parents believe their children are safer playing outside than being on-line. He discussed “stranger danger” in the context of children making “friends” with people they don’t know who could lead them into trouble and what parents should do to install parental controls. Ruth Hayes, gardening  editor of “Amateur Gardener”, stood in for our regular gardening expert and gave answers to the most frequently asked questions. We reported on the anniversary of credit cards which are exactly 50 years old, and asked if Britain is living above its means given the startling amount of personal debt.

Ridgeway Magazine 3rd August 2016

20th July 2016

Some useful information about the Isle of Wight as John talks to an island Tour Manager. Did you know that the Speaking Clock is 80 years old? - everything you need to know is here. And John concludes his cruise to Russia by talking to the Captain of his cruise ship, The Emerald Princess, as well as the Cruise Director and his assistant who are in charge of the on board activities.

Ridgeway Magazine 20th July 2016

6th July 2016

Part 2 of John's trip to St Petersburg in Russia, taking in Finland and Poland along the way.

Also, in this edition, txt spk...the acronyms we use when texting or, in years gone by when writing home to our loved ones, including a few you may never have heard of.

Ridgeway Magazine 6th July 2016

22nd June 2016

Part 1 of John's trip to Russia visiting, en route, Ghent, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Estonia.

The Ridgeway Radio Outside Broadcast Unit went to Russia and many ports on the way. This programme featured Ghent, a canal trip, a report on world famous Belgian chocolate and why the city has 2,000 pubs. John visited Copenhagen and heard about its mermaids, its palaces including the changing of the guard and was told a Hans Christian Anderson story about a little mermaid. Then to Stockholm to see the most amazing museum devoted entirely to a 17th century man of war which, apart from the sails, is virtually complete having been salvaged from “sweet” non- corrosive water. The guide in Estonia talked about the country’s rich flora and fauna which is the backbone of its tourist trade. Its capital Talinn has a medieval charm, a small city where time stands still. There will be more to come from John's trip in the next edition of Ridgeway Magazine.

Back home, also in this programme, the gardening slot featured a young novice gardener and a visit to her allotment. Under the guidance of Poundbury Gardens (one of our supporters) she told listeners how she started from scratch with no experience in February and, apart from growing 23 varieties of potatoes, is now cropping strawberries, rhubarb and rocket and her broad beans are coming on nicely.

Ridgeway Magazine 220616

25th May 2016

Subjects in this edition of the Magazine included DCH charity funding for a new cancer facility, Weymouth Pavilion BrExit meeting, gardening tips from Poundbury Garden Centre, and tipping – rubbish and waiters !

Ridgeway Magazine 25/05/16

30th March 2016 (1)

John Shepherd talked to Martyn Underhill, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset. The interview ranged in topics from policing in Dorset, the new “toys” our police are being equipped with which include drones, personal video cameras for officers, safeguarding children and the number one problem on the horizon, cyber crime.

Interview with Police Commissioner

30th March 2016 (2)

30th March 2016. For the first time we had two studio guests on the same programme. The second was Jill Withey who has been a Samaritan in Dorchester for almost 20 years. She talked about the need for volunteer Samaritans, their suitability and their training. The number one issue for the Samaritans is mental health – 20 years ago it was debt. Do you know that the Samaritans received over 5 million telephone calls in 2014 fielded by 21,000 volunteers.

Interview with Jill Withey

16th March 2016

Broadcast on 16th March 2016. Topics include Ridgeway's Radio Daze event, Launderettes and the diappearance of our local pubs. Presented by John Shepherd and Mark Blackford.

Ridgeway Magazine March 2016

Legal Eagles

25th May 2016. Nick Grassby from Humphries Kirk, Solicitors, talks to Barry White about Making a Will

Interview with Nick Grassby

Special Features

West Gallery Carol Concert

A recording of the concert at St Nicolas Church Abbotsbury performed by the Ridgeway Carollers and Band. The Carols you will hear are part of a local tradition of village music-making that flourished during the eighteenth century and the first half of the nineteenth century. Most churches and chapels had a gallery at the west end of the building, where local musicians would play their instruments and lead the singers in hymns, anthems and Christmas Carols. Thomas Hardy's father and grandfather played their violins and cellos in Puddletown in the early 1800's, before moving their allegiance to Stinsford Church. Two of the carols that you will hear today come from the Puddletown repertoire, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to share these splendid and vibrant songs with you. The Ridgeway Singers were created as part Of 'Rooting Round the Ridgeway' Project. The project's aims were to explore the traditional carols, folk song and dance music of the Ridgeway area, and to stimulate the creation of new songs and music inspired by the landscape and the musical traditions of the Ridgeway area Of South Dorset. Although the musical element of the project has now ended, the enthusiasm generated was such that the group was determined to continue, and also to explore a little further into other musical traditions in Dorset; We hope you find the results as entertaining and inspiring as we do!

West Gallery Carol Concert 2016

John Constable and Osmington illustrated in music and stories

Two hundred years ago John Constable and his wife spent their honeymoon at Osmington Vicarage in October and November 1816. From his many expeditions came some of those very famous paintings. This two part show,  performed by Tim Laycock and Colin Thompson, celebrates the occasion and is illustrated by music, song, stories and readings. Other aspects of Constable's life and inspirations, such as Suffolk, Salisbury Cathedral and Stonhenge are also included. Part of the 200th anniversary celebrations of his time in Osmington Village and surrounds, the show was recorded in Osmington Village Hall before an enthusiastic audience.

Part 1, 46 mins

Constable Show Part 1

Part 2, 50 mins

Constable Show Part 2

William Barnes Music and Poetry

As part of the Victorian Fayre at Dorset County Museum, on 21st Feb 2016, a presentation of music and poetry by William Barnes was performed by Tim Laycock, Brian Caddy, John Blackmore, Charles Buckler, Dave Burbidge, Hillary Charlesworth and Devina Symes.

William Barnes Poetry and Music recorded at Dorset County Museum.

'Going The Rounds' performed by The New Hardy Players

Discover the old Dorset Christmas tradition of 'Going The Rounds' in Thomas Hardy's day immortilised in his novel Under the Greenwood Tree. This 2 hour long presentation features carols and readings performed by the New Hardy Players, Choir and Band, led by Tim Laycock and Phil Humphries.

Ridgeway Radio's Andy Worth describes the scene and superbly captures the spirit of the times in this recording with contributions from many of the participants. He joins around 130 folk at Hardy's Cottage, Higher Bockhampton, and the new Hardy Visitor Centre in Thorcombe Wood before moving on to Kingston Maurward, with the event concluding at St Michael's Church, Stinsford.

A Christmas gem.

Click here for more information

A local version of Going the Rounds was devised 29 years ago by Furse Swann and acted out bi-yearly by the Hampshire based Madding Crowd until 2013. This year, 2015, Tim Laycock was invited to take on on the organisation of a new approach to the event, which adds theatrical and musical elements to the traditional proceedings. With the help of the New Hardy Players, the Ridgeway Singers and Band (Conductor: Alastair simpson), the Frome Valley Mummers, plus some members of the Madding Crowd; Tim Laycock, Phil Humphries, and Furse Swann, all created an exciting promenade performance based on Hardy's 'Under the Greenwood Tree', that took an enthusiatic audience on a two and a half hour journey around locations in Higher and Lower Bockhampton, through the grounds of Kingston Maurward, finishing with West Galley singing, readings, and a Mummers play in St Michael's church at Stinsford.

'Going The Rounds' with the New Hardy Players

An Old Dorset Christmas performed by The Ridgeway Singers and Band

(Please note The Ridgeway Singers are not connected with Ridgeway Radio but we share a similar name taken from the Ridgeway hill between the towns of Weymouth and Dorchester. We are very grateful to Phil Humphries, Tim Laycock, The Ridgeway Singers and Band and Artsreach for permission to reproduce the concert here)

Introduction by Tim Laycock

"The Ridgeway Singers were formed 3 years ago as part of a wider Heritage-Lottery-funded project to explore the landscape, literature, music and folk traditions of the South Dorset Ridgeway. Artsreach asked local singer and folklorist Tim Laycock, and well- known trombone player and Mellstock Band member Phil Humphries to research traditional folksongs, carols and instrumental music from the villages around the Ridgeway, and residents were invited to a series of workshops to learn songs and carols. In particular the group looked at the old West Gallery tradition of singing Christmas carols in four part harmony, accompanied by fiddles, flutes, cellos and even the serpent! The first concerts took place in December 2013, and were a great success; people were genuinely excited and delighted to sing and hear local songs and carols performed in churches along the Ridgeway.

Three years on, the Ridgeway Singers have developed their repertoire to include folk songs collected in Dorset by Henry and Robert Hammond, and newly-composed songs inspired by the landscape of the South Dorset Ridgeway. Their performances are characterised by a great sense of energy and enjoyment, and truly recreate the celebratory sound of an old Dorset Christmas. Here they are in full flight in St Mary’s Church, Cerne Abbas, and they begin with a dance tune written in 1815 , appropriately called Waterloo."

The Cerne Concert - An Old Dorset Christmas

The Keep Military Museum, Dorchester

A journey through military history

Ridgeway Radio was at The Keep Military Museum Dorchester, where a documentary feature on aspects of the WW1 Centenary, and the WW2 Far Eastern Campaign, in 1945, were recorded with the Museum’s Curator Chris Copson. Much prominence was given to the Dorset Regiments’ action in these theatres of war. Within the museum, two of the locations we recorded at were a reconstruction of a WW1 trench, complete with realistic sound effects and at Hitler’s Desk from the Berlin Reich Chancellery. Our warmest thanks to Chris for giving his time to us. The four interviews are below:

The Trenches 1. The Trenches

Gallipoli 2. Gallipoli

Hitler's Desk 3. Hiltler's Desk

The Forgotten Army 4. The Forgotten Army

In Conversation

Items from our 'In Conversation' series

Peter Foster is in conversation with broadcaster Alan Jennings.

In Conversation with Alan Jennings

Peter Foster talks to antiques expert and jazz enthusiast Paul Atterbury of Antiques Roadshow fame.

In Conversation with Paul Atterbury

Robert Parkes talks about all things printing and publishing in this conversation with Peter Foster.

In Conversation with Robert Parkes

Outside Broadcasts

Dorchester Remembers 2016

The Service of Remembrance held at Dorchester War Memorial on 13th November 2016.

Dorchester Remembers 2016

D Day Service of Commemoration 6th June 2016

The Service commemorating the 72nd anniversary of the D Day Landings, held outside The Keep Military Museum in Dorchester on 6th June 2016. Jim Davis describes the scene and Peter Foster chats to some of the participants.

D Day Service of Commemoration

Dorchester Carnival 2016

Jim Davis describes the scene as the procession winds its way around the town, and visits the new flower bed in the Borough Gardens celebrating 50 years of Hospital Radio in Dorchester, superbly designed by the gardening team of Dorchester Town Council.

Dorchester Carnival 2016

The Service of Thanksgiving to celebrate the 90th birthday of Her Majesty The Queen

Organised by Churches Together in Dorchester and area, which was broadcast live from St Peter's Church, Dorchester, on 11th June 2016. Taking part in the service were:

Canon Thomas Woodhouse, Team Rector of Dorchester and The Winterbournes and Chair of Churches Together
The Choir of St Peter's Church, Director Philip Lange
Organist, Peter Oakes
The Revd Claire McClelland, Team Vicar of Dorchester and The Winterbournes Team Ministry
The Mayor of Dorchester, Cllr Tim Harries
The Right Reverend Graeme Knowles CVO
Chris Warren, Vice-Chair, Churches Together in Dorchester and area
Sir Philip Williams, High Sherriff of Dorset
The Congregation of 100+

Grateful thanks to Churches Together, everyone who took part and St Peter's Church in particular, for their cooperation and help in making this broadcast.

HM The Queen's 90th Birthday - A Service of Thanksgiving


12 noon on the 29th September 2016. Ridgeway Radio's President and Dorchester Town Crier, wearing full ceremonial costume as he did for the rest of the day, gave a special cry at Dorchester's Town Pump proclaiming the 50th anniversay of hospital radio in Dorchester to a large group of passers by which was broadcast live via phone to our listeners.

Town Crier announces the 50th anniversary of hospital radio in Dorchester. 12 noon, 29th September 2016.

Jim Davis visits the Dorchester Scout Post with Oliver Bear in December 2015. Jim spoke to Debbie Thomas, organiser of the Dorchester Scout Post, and Ruth Young, Dorchester and West Dorset Cubs. The Cubs will be celebrating their centenary nationally in December 2016 and we hope to be covering associated Dorchester events for Ridgeway Radio.
Scout Post 2015

An overview of Ridgeway Radio presented by Amanda Yates.

Station overview


Hospital Radio Awards entries

Our entry in the Special Event category of the Hospital Radio Awards 2016. The Christmas Day Special, presented by Peter and Heather Foster whilst aboard the Swanage Railway, was nominated as a finalist in the top ten.

Christmas Day Special

Our entry in the 'Best Newcomer' category of the Hospital Radio Awards 2014, presented by Dom Cornfield.

Dom HBA entry 2014

Our entry in the 'Best programme with multiple presenters' category of the Hospital Radio Awards 2014, presented by The Kingfisher Club.

HBA entry Best Programme Multiple Presenters

Our entry in the 'Best Newcomer' category of the Hospital Radio Awards 2015, presented by Aidan Carter.

Aidan HBA entry 2015

Highlights of the visit of HM The Queen who opened phase 2 of Dorset County Hospital in 1998. It was the winning entry in the Special Event category of the Hospital Radio Awards.

Queen's visit

From The Archives

Hugh Scully, of Antiques Roadshow fame, is in conversation with Peter Foster at an edition of the long running series made at Athelhampton House, near Dorchester, in 1998.

Hugh Scully

Peter interviews gardener and TV personality Alan Titchmarsh when, in 1999, he visited Dorset County Hospital to plant a special rose dedicated to Dr Jo Taylor in recognition of her work with the Renal Unit.

Alan Titchmarsh

Westminster Abbey was the location for this interview with BBC commentator John Snagge made in 1978.

John Snagge

Probably best known for his cricket commentaries, Brian Johnston is in conversation with Peter in a recording made in 1985.

Brian Johnston

The original audio overview of Ridgeway Radio presented by Amanda Yates and featuring many past and current presenters.

Old station overview


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