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Ridgeway Magazine 22nd June 2016

Come with us to Ghent, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Estonia in Part 1 of this very special edition featuring John’s recent trip en route to Russia.

The Ridgeway Radio  Outside Broadcast Unit went to Russia and many ports on the way. This programme featured Ghent, a canal trip, a report on world famous Belgian chocolate and why the city has 2,000 pubs. John visited  Copenhagen and heard about its mermaids, its palaces including  the changing of the guard and was told a Hans Christian Anderson story about a little mermaid. Then to Stockholm to see the most amazing museum devoted entirely to a 17th century man of war which, apart from the sails, is virtually complete having been salvaged from “sweet” non- corrosive water. The guide in Estonia talked about the country’s rich flora and fauna which is the backbone of its tourist trade. Its capital Talinn has a medieval charm, a small city where time stands still. There will be more to come from John’s trip in the next edition of Ridgeway Magazine.

Back home, also in this programme, the gardening slot featured a young novice gardener and a visit to her allotment. Under the guidance of Poundbury Gardens (one of our supporters) she told listeners how she started from scratch with no experience in February and, apart from growing 23 varieties of potatoes, is now cropping strawberries, rhubarb and rocket and her broad beans are coming on nicely.

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