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Ridgeway Magazine 24th January 2018

  • Enigma, the German military encoding machine, drew a full house at the Corn Exchange when it went on show as part of a talk given by world authority  Dr. Mark Baldwin on how the enemy codes were devised and then broken. He tells Ridgeway Magazine Enigma was invented 20 years before the war and was sold in shops.
  • Weymouth’s early history will have to be re-written…research shows the Black Death and great plague did not start with rats jumping ship in the port.
  • Where have all the newspaper delivery boys and girls gone? Broadwey Village stores still delivers newspaper but the number of boys and girls have halved in recent years and the conditions of employment (yes, really!) have tightened.
  • Second Chance, the Weymouth charity which collects and sells re-conditioned furniture and appliances to needy folk has closed – but there is still Dorset Reclaim as we report.
  • Is art worth collecting? No, we are told, buy what you really like.
  • And we invite listeners to play our song title game, courtesy of broadcaster and jazz band leader Chris Walker.

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Ridgeway Magazine 24th January 2018

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