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Ridgeway Magazine 7th February 2018

    • Vindictive Valentine cards? As well as sweet sentiments and soppy poems, 150 years ago there were also cards for cads and pigs…..male, of course. They are on display at the Priest House Museum, Wimborne.
    • The ancient Roman way of romance entailed violence to young women. Saint Valentine was not amused and lost his head to the Emperor Claudius, but not before he left a love message to a young girl…and started something!
    • Gardening tips – how to use ash and soot in the garden. Slugs and snails do not like it.
    • Even pets get the January Blues as we are told in this instalment of ‘Pet Patter’.
    • Five things you must do before you go on holiday. And how you might beat the price hike for a passport.
    • News from Ridgeway Community Radio: plans for a ginormous fundraising sale of vinyl records, CDs, music videos and DVDs.
    • A Sneak Peek of the work in making the Shire Hall in Dorchester an historical experience to really look forward to.

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Ridgeway Magazine 7th February 2018

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