the former radio station for Dorset County Hospital

Ridgeway Magazine 30th May 2018

  • Pretty lights for Weymouth Esplanade. When the scheme’s bright idea went on show, visitors to the public “consultation” were mainly unimpressed. Bring back the garlands of fairy lights seems to be the verdict.
  • To Buckland Newton where one man’s creative ideas for slowing down speeding traffic have been dumped for the second time. Do nothing County Council does not approve.
  • To Sicily for our story about the Mafia which disapproved of the “Godfather“ films. John visits the Corleone village and is totally unprepared for what happens next as he interviews a cast member.
  • Vinyl records. Sales boom but don’t throw out your old ones just yet…they might be worth money.
  • What do you do to find your missing mobile phone? There’s an app that will solve this mishap.

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Ridgeway Magazine 30th May 2018

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