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NHS workers demand pay justice

On Saturday, health workers and their supporters will be rallying in Dorchester to demand a pay rise for nurses and many other NHS staff – part of a day of national action for pay justice.

Most health workers were left out of the recent public-sector pay deal while MPs were given £10,000 of additional expenses to make adjustments that allow them to work from home. South Dorset MP Richard Drax recently told the Dorset Echo: “The pandemic this year has proved the importance of our NHS nurses and doctors beyond all doubt: we must cherish them…”

Hospital dietitian Lynne Hubbard says: “Health workers have made huge sacrifices during the COVID pandemic – 625 have died. During the Afghanistan and Iraq wars tragically 543 British soldiers died – the fact that more health workers’ lives have now been lost in six months than during years of armed conflict is of huge concern.

“MPs ‘cherishing’ or clapping us does not pay the bills. Our pay has fallen in real terms by 20 per cent since 2010 – one reason that there are over 100,000 staff vacancies in the health service. Meanwhile the government has used the COVID crisis to push for more privatisation and outsourcing in our NHS.

“Please join us in Dorchester on Saturday 12 September – midday by the Town Pump, Cornhill.”

Organisers of the Dorchester event have undertaken a full risk assessment and will be ensuring participants observe social distancing and wear face masks in line with official guidance.

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