the former radio station for Dorset County Hospital

840 circuits of the garden – for DCH!

Martin and Kirsty Smithleigh were intending to run the Manchester Marathon on 5th April but of course it has been cancelled because of the coronavirus crisis. It would be a great shame to let all their hard work training for the event go to waste so they are still going to run a marathon – in their garden!

Kirsty, a teacher at the Thomas Hardye School, says “We will be running 840 ish laps of the garden tomorrow morning to raise money for Dorchester nurse and paramedic services through these difficult times.”

One lap of Martin and Kirsty’s garden is approx 50 metres, therefore 840 laps will be around 42km!

They would welcome donations to their fund which you can do via Virgin Money Giving by following the link below


The photo shows the 50m route – just 840 laps to go! We wish Martin and Kirsty all the best for their marathon fund-raising efforts.

Martin & Kirsty's Garden Marathon