the former radio station for Dorset County Hospital

Ridgeway Magazine news, December 2015

Funniest interview of the year? On Ridgeway Magazine John interviewed the vice president of the Dull Men’s Club of Great Britain following news that Jeremy Corbyn had been invited to join on the strength of his passion for photographing manhole covers. Members had recently enjoyed a coach trip in which they hired a coach, examined it minutely inside and out, tried the seats, discussed tyre pressures and walked around it several times. They really wanted a glass bottomed coach so they could see road markings. Dull Men’s Christmas present must-haves include a colouring book with 10 pencils from light grey to deepest black, membership of the Traffic Roundabout Appreciation Society, a metronome and a glass fronted toaster for watching toast .

Consumer Rights. On a more serious note, studio guest Ivan Hancock from Dorset Trading Standards told listeners their consumer rights when returning unwanted Christmas presents. He also warned about exploding hover boards and dodgy battery chargers for mobiles and e-cigarettes sold cheaply at boot sales.