the former radio station for Dorset County Hospital

Programme News 1, Nov 2015

Visit to The Keep Military Museum Dorchester. Ridgeway Radio was at The Keep Military Museum Dorchester, where a documentary feature on aspects of the WW1 Centenary, and the WW2 Far Eastern Campaign, in 1945, were recorded with the Museum’s Curator Chris Copson. Much prominence was given to the Dorset Regiments’ action in these theatres of war. Within the museum, two of the locations we recorded at were a reconstruction of a WW1 trench, complete with realistic sound effects and at Hitler’s Desk from the Berlin Reich Chancellery. Our warmest thanks to Chris for giving his time to us. The Ridgeway Radio team was Peter and Heather Foster. Future visits to the Keep Military Museum are planned for next year. Chris will also be appearing in Ridgeway Radio’s guest series ‘In Conversation’.